Broadway cinemas join the premiere of “Dear Future Children” this Thursday


On Thursday, October 21, Broadway cinemas in Valladolid will join the simultaneous premiere in 12 Spanish cities of Dear Children of the Future, which will kick off the seventh edition of the Other Way Film Festival, an event dedicated to sustainable progress.

As the organization reported through a statement sent to Europa Press, the opening ceremony is the national premiere of this film directed by Franz Bohm.

The film tells the story of three young activists who struggle to change injustice in different parts of the world such as Hong Kong, Chile and Uganda.

Its opening session, in collaboration with Greenpeace, will take place simultaneously at 8:00 pm in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Málaga, Mallorca, Pamplona, ​​Seville, Toledo and Vigo, as well as Valladolid.

From October 21 to 28, you can follow the official section and the Impact section through the festival platform and at Filmin. Likewise, it will be headquartered in Cineteca Madrid, Cines Golem Madrid, Filmoteca Española, Sala Equis, Institut Français de Madrid and mk2 Cine Paz.

Let’s collect our hopes

Under the slogan “Let’s Join Hope”, a program is presented to bring other realities closer through the most interesting and surprising stories, as well as to propagate a kind of life in harmony with our planet.

In total, 37 titles can be viewed, divided into documentaries, feature films and short films on topics such as climate change and climate justice, biodiversity loss and the connection between humans and other species.

Of this selection, 17 documentaries will enter the competition, eleven in the Official Division and six in the Impact Division from Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, the United States, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Chile or China.

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