The school talk that connects Princess Eleanor to Hollywood




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The school talk that connects Princess Eleanor to Hollywood

Actor Forest Whitaker, the fourth African American to receive an Academy Award, was at UWC Atlantic School talking to students

in UWC Atlantic Collegewhere he studies Princess Eleanor Since September 1, the learning opportunities have never stopped. Workshops, activities and educational talks are part of the center’s regular agenda, where teenagers from around the world meet. One of the last was with the actor Forest Whitaker, one of the most popular and highly rated films in Hollywood, and has starred in films such as The last king of ScotlandAnd Access or recently Turnout From the Marvel universe Black Panther. The translator was in Wales during the last weeks of September and went to school to talk to the boys about the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, his NGO set up with an international intent and projects in countries like Uganda.

“congratulations for Forest Whitaker, who will be honored at the 2022 International Peace Awards for their social work. The tribute was to us when we greeted him at the school to talk about his project and the UWC peace mission,” posted from the school, along with two photos of the speech the actor gave in a boarding school room located in Wales. Filming dates in the British country coincided with the interpreter approaching the Gothic building The astonishing 14th century presents his vision of philanthropy in a globalized world.” Had to see the wonderful landscapes of Wales before returning to New York! ‘, the actor wrote to his followers, with a picture in the center of the field. Thank you all for the wonderful welcome I received in your country, and I will be back soon.”

The Princess Eleanor So I would have been able to enjoy the experiences of what was the fourth African American to win an Academy Award, specifically in 2006 for the movie The last king of Scotland. In addition, the topic related to the actor’s NGO can certainly help the princess to learn more about social work, a very important factor in her institutional role. But that’s not the only talk he could have joined, as the school also offers experiences with the tech sector or about social inclusion.

This week it was known that the school selected the five student delegates: three girls and two boys who would serve as student ambassadors after passing the selection process. Now they will be responsible for directing and organizing campus tours and guest visits, representing the school at various events and participating in interviews with potential future students. In their selection, UWC chose diversity, one of the institution’s main priorities, and focused on universality and globalization as a means to achieving world peace, which is exactly what Whittaker talked about.

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