BTS didn’t ask for permission to dance at the UNGA

BTS didn’t ask for permission to dance at the UNGA

Three years after attending the United Nations General Assembly for the first time (His-Her-IT), BTS pGraduated with a load of successes And positive messages for the world.

The South Korean band is back in New York to join world leaders and support the Sustainable Development Goals.

At Monday’s event, the seven young members called for vaccinations against Covid-19 and sang their song permission to danceNS.

“Today we are joined by an exceptionally distinguished group of young people who are reaching out to young people around the world. Perhaps BTS, the first private envoy from the private sector, The artist loved by people around the worldwere the words of the chief South KoreaMoon Jae-in este lunes.

From the headquarter in New York, the seven special presidential envoys of the Republic of Korea delivered their speech in Seven languages.

BTS highlights future generations in their messages

“It broke our hearts when our long-planned concerts were canceled, and we’re looking forward to it too,” he said. Jung Kook.

Jungkook moves the world on his 24th birthday

While JH added, “Everyone agrees that climate change is a big problem, but talking about the best solution is not easy. It is a topic that is difficult to draw conclusions from.”

“There are still many pages in the story about us and I feel we shouldn’t talk as if the end was already written.”

Kim Taehyung

Jimin said, “In these pictures, you can see that there are children who are trying to learn new things… they are not lost, they are finding new courage and facing new challenges.”

kpop leader, Kim Namjoon (RM)He pointed out several points that reveal his feelings.

“I’ve heard teenagers today are referred to as the ‘lost generation’ but I think it’s an exaggeration to say they are lost simply because the roads they take are invisible to adults.”

He added, “The 20-year-olds are not the lost generation of C0vid. It is the generation that welcomed changes. There are things we can do. The important thing is the elections.”

“Instead of lost generation, the most appropriate noun would be gwelcome , Because instead of being afraid of change, this generation says ‘hello’ and keeps moving forward.”


Min Yoongi also gave a message: “There will be no next BTSI had my own heroes and even though I wanted to become them, I couldn’t, I became BTS.”

“It is time for us to regret the things the pandemic has taken away from us, to find out how precious our moments were. […] There will be decisions we make that may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything we can’t do.”


BTS moved the army

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