The quarrel between the spouses changes the groom in a luxurious Brazilian wedding

The quarrel between the spouses changes the groom in a luxurious Brazilian wedding

Luxurious wedding, attended by about 120 people, had an amazing last minute change after the architect and businessman, Eder Mengen, She decides to leave her boyfriend and take someone else to the altar After an argument the night before the party in Brazil, after he found out about infidelity.

The invitation cards included the name of the 60-year-old engineer and the name of Del Reyes, 23, have been a married couple in recent months. wedding as commented Mengen in the middle st 1He organized it himself, taking into account every detail so that the night would be remembered for all present.


“No one will forget that night, I’m sure. But it won’t be for the beauty of the place or the quality of the food and drink.” Because of the surprise, the experience they had at that moment. ,” he told the Brazilian media.

Del Reyes has come Hugo Oliveira, 44, chef and friend Menken with whom at the end of the relationship Maintain friendship, respect and closeness, especially since the architect also owned restaurants and the gastronomical specialist continued to collaborate or help in some areas.


I lived almost 20 years with my great partner, a great chef. The person responsible for even forwarding what I have been able to build with my restaurants. I thought to give this man, who was always right, The opportunity I accidentally gave to someone who didn’t do anything for me“, She said.


The wedding was held in the restaurant Solar das Palmeiras Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, on September 7 this year, which has been planned for months. However, according to the architect, Knowing about the infidelity committed by the 23-year-old And the subsequent discussion that took place between them a few hours before, prompted him to decide to call the chef.


“I knew him relatively little. We loved each other, and I took him to live with me in my house. Over time, I had this desire to have this wedding, as I did with many people, many artists. And I said: Shall we marry? . But he’s 23 and I’m 60. He intended to be happy. And I think it will be,” he confirms to the Brazilian media.

Then, Mengen claims to have spoken to him olive to tell you that “You are the boy of my life. Do you want to marry me tomorrow?” , while the chef gave a “yes” to the suggestion.

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In recent days, the version of the 23-year-old has been revealed, who claims the architect took some of his things and part of his money to pay restaurant bills, which Mengen refuses..

“He insists on going to social networks, and now he says I took things from him. I didn’t take anything from anyone. I asked him to Return the gifts I bought with my money (…) Because I work, I am a businessman, I own a restaurant and I have a job. He’s a 23-year-old guy who has never worked for me, never worked and did nothing. But since I lived in my house, I gave him comfort and facilities.”

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