EU: Employee asks for proof of COVID-19 vaccination and gets beaten

An employee at a restaurant in New York was beaten up for asking for proof of vaccination at the entrance. Photo: Getty

Raised in an unpublished scene In an Italian restaurant in New York, in United State An employee who was performing her duties when requesting a certificate of vaccination Three women to be able to enter this trade kicked for these.

Pictures taken on video show how at the entrance to the trade, The three women beat up a New York restaurant employee after she asked them to prove they had been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to get in They were denied entry by not presenting it.

In the video that went viral on social networks, I realize that The moment spent by many companies United State When people ask about their vaccination certificate Thus meeting the entry requirements.

The restaurant employee allegedly asked them to stay on the site’s balcony, but the women insisted that they be given a place inside the restaurant Before refusing to provide proof of vaccination, the three women, who had increased in height and weight, attacked the employee with blows against her without being able to do anything.

  • many of witnesses Who were present during the assault on the woman who served The receptionist at the scene who was hit and pushed tried to separate the assailants because the girl was just doing her job.

According to the mayor New YorkBill de Blasio Everyone over 12 years old must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter closed businesses like this restaurant If the institutions do not make this requirement, the New York government will impose a fine of 20,000 Mexican pesos, in addition to a temporary suspension.

Some of the websites that should ask for proof of vaccination are: Hotels, bars, discos, cafes, gyms, event rooms, supermarkets, stores, among other things.

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