Canelo Alvarez and his brother are going to conquer the United States with their taco company

Canelo Alvarez and his brother are going to conquer the United States with their taco company

Canelo Alvarez He is one of the best boxers today, a status that also makes him one of the highest paid athletes.

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he Mexican boxerHe knows how to profit from every penny earned above the ring and is known to have many businesses in different business sectors.

Now, the boxer from Jalisco seeks to conquer the United States once again just as he did with his fists, but now with the taco business he’s going to team up with his brother, Ricardo Alvarez.

in Interview with the first halfhe dynamitewho is also a former boxer, explained that with Canelo, they are going to open a new branch of Taqueria El Pastor del Ricawhich will be based on Chula Vista County in San Diego, California.

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“We are about to open, it was a complicated process due to regulations United StateBut we will actually open it in May at the latest in June. Richardwho started the business with a store located in Colonia Jardines del Valle, in Zapopan, Jalisco.

Moreover, the brother cinnamon He explained that the intent is to expand to different cities in the American Federation.

“The project is going very well. The idea is to start at Californiathen go to Las vigas actually Chicago. And where to send us business. We are making the franchise structure, but the idea at the moment is not to franchise, the idea is to grow, but to have the business own,” he said.

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How much is a taco?

A variety of tacos are offered on the menu such as suadero, pastor, chorizo, and steak, which cost MXN 19.50, while lengua and trompa tacos cost 25 pesos.

As for the granja, it ranges from 52 Mexican pesos to 61 pesos, depending on the type of meat chosen.

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