Carla Angola is on the list of the 100 most prominent Venezuelans for 2021


Venezuelan journalist Carla Angola is one of the 100 most prominent Venezuelan women this year, according to TODO CHIC.

“Every year we find it more and more difficult to make this list, not because of the lack of names, but because of a large number of prominent Venezuelans, With different and varied stories to tell, both in Venezuela and around the world. It’s too many! It is what makes us happy and fills us with boundless pride. Long live the Venezuelan woman,” Todo Schick wrote.

Angola is an example of a hard working and responsible woman. He is an ethical and professional journalist and we are pleased to be part of EVTV.

On the other hand, the first name is Yulimar Rojas, the gold medalist and world record athlete at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. She also won the Female Athlete of the Year award at the 2021 Women’s Sports Brand Awards.

The list includes women such as Carolina Herrera, Alejandra Ora and Elisa Vega, among other notable women, who are, according to the media, a clear example of “Venezuelan women have never stopped and will never stop in the face of adversity.

From EVTV we congratulate our dear Carla, we are proud and grateful for her to be part of our family. Congratulations Carla!

Then, in no specified order, the . file List of Outstanding Venezuelan Women for 2021

Yulimar Rogas (Athlete, Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalist and world record holder, Female Athlete of the Year at the 2021 Women’s Sports Brand Awards)

Carla Angola (journalist, presenter EVTV Miami)

Carlotta Perez (Honorary Doctorate from Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Daniela White (Artificial Intelligence Engineer – Co-Founder and CTO of Sunthetics – Stars in Own the room, NatGeo Documentary)

Maria Theresa Arnal – (Head Engineer of Fintech Mexico Association, Director of Stripe in Latin America)

Maria Elena Pombo (Thematic Medal for the Design Biennale, London 2021)

Gabriella Soto (Ringlinel College Wra Awards for Women in Animation)

Nadine promises (Ringlinel College Wra Awards for Women in Animation)

Annabella Salcedo (Hollywood Art Roles, Best Filmed in Los Angeles, California)

Alejandra Para (RFT Report 2021 Paría Award, RF Report Category! in Spanish)

Morella Echnagosia (Writer-philanthropist, helping abandoned and abused children in Uganda)

Veronica Florido (architectural designer)

Carmen Zambrano (Violinist)

Rosa Martinez (soprano)

Genesis Alion (Visual artist – co-winner of the Contemporary Art Competition “The New Path”)

Maria Elisa Bivano (Fine artist)

Marfa Griffin Wilshire (Laurea Magistrale Prize in Design, Politécnico de Milán, Italy)

Mountain Home (Awarded Writer for Best Historical Novel, Arquero de Plata Prize, Madrid, Spain)

Magdalena Fernandez (CODAawards Merit Award in the Enterprise Category)

Carmen Christina Wolff (Writer)

Milagros Mata Gil (Writer)

Sol Linares (15th Tristana Prize for Outstanding Fiction, Spanish Edition)

Ana Rosario Contreras (Nurse, recipient of the International Women of Courage Award (IWOC).

Christy Espinosa (The director won Best Director at the Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles Film Festival)

Maria Beatriz Frias Muñoz (Journalist – Star Siglo XXI Award in Mexico City, Mexico)

Yliana Yepes – (Fashion designer)

Carolina Sandoval (Invited to the White House on Hispanic Heritage Month)

sabrina mud (Violinist, winner of the National Children’s Violin Competition in Panama “Helena de Cretas”).

Gioconda San Blas (Scientist – PhD in Biochemistry, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, BA in Chemistry, University of California, full-time researcher from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) and the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (Akviman))

Liz Prieto (journalist and writer)

Carolina Gillin (Journalist, first woman to narrate a 2021 Caribbean-Mazatlan encounter for US network).

Anna Maria Arevalo Josen (Camel Lepage Award-winning photo reporter in France).

Yahya Salazar (Actress, playwright and director, awarded at the Paris Liftoff Film Festival in France)

Yusora Vizo (The female footballer was awarded the Best Female Player of the 2020-2021 season of the Colombian Women’s Football League)

Natalie Moreno (An engineer, USB educator, was awarded the J. Cordell Breed Award for Female Leaders, the first Venezuelan to receive this recognition for engineers in the United States.)

Soraya El Achkar (Chocolatera, one of the Cakawa discs, was awarded by the Agricultural Products Valuation Agency (AVPA), in Paris, France.)

The miracle of Dana (engineer, professor at USAB, named professor of the year by the Society of Geophysical Engineers under the 16th Annual Conference on Geophysics)

Amber Henriquez (USB graduate, winner of the Virgil Winkler Award for Best Student Assignment, for her special degree project Stochastic Inversion of Post-Stacked Seismic Data in Penobscot Field, Nova Scotia, UK.)

Yolanda Banten (The poetess, the figurine “Luna” which awarded her the title of winner of the seventeenth session of the Federico Lorca International Poetry Prize of the City of Granada).

Karina Sainz Borgo (Journalist who won the O. Henry Award for Best Short Stories for 2021 in the United States.)

Lucia Allegro (Ron Carúpano’s Marketing Director, Casa Ronera who took home three gold and one silver in The Luxury Masters competition.)

Carolina Santana (Oscar for Best Sound, with three companions, for The Sound of Metal).

Linda Perez (Athlete, gold medal in the 100-meter event at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games)

Lisble Vera (Athlete, gold medal in the 100-meter event at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games)

Alejandra Paula Perez (Athlete, bronze medalist at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic 100m sprint)

Susanna Ravalli (nutrition specialist)

Carolina Herrera – (Fashion designer)

Maria Corina Machado (Political activist)

Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (art collector)

Amanda Dudamel Newman (Model – Miss Venezuela 2021)

Maria Fernanda de Giacobbi (Chocolate master)

Annabella Arcay (chocolate teacher)

Evelyn Mirales (NASA computer engineer)

Maria Theresa Aristeguieta (Designer of Al-Mubarak’s office for Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez – Businesswoman)

Eliza Arcaia (hostel)

Mighty Arkaya (hostel)

Joanna von Muller Klingspur (hostel)

Michelle Roxana Castellanos (writer, awarded by the United Nations)

Thamara Bryson (artist)

Kiki Bertinez (marketing)

Erin Graves (Secretariat, Assistants to Universal Happiness)

Adriana cisneros’s photo (CEO of Grupo Cisneros)

Darila Sousa (journalist)

Maria Virginia Jawa German (writer, editor, researcher)

Louisiana Perez Fernandez (Journalist – Director of Spanish Communications at the White House)

Mariana Yanez Arteta (Chemistry – FG NND Norway Young Investigator Award)

Dianira is alive (Immortal International PR Award, XXI Century Star Award, Television Presenter).

Mercedes Machado Zing (designer and businesswoman)

Elizabeth Perez (journalist and TV host for CNN in Spanish)

Dina Castellanos (Footballer)

Goized by Azúa (journalist, TVV presenter)

Tello Febres Cordero Zamora (Writer)

Crystal Montanez (Activist DD: HH)

Tamara Sogo (Lawyer)

Nora Frias Muñoz (Public Relations – Expert in Etiquette, Good Morals, Emotional Training, Lifestyle)

Linda D Abrosio Morales (Teacher)

Nella Febres Cordero Zamora (business woman)

Maria Gabriella Becerra (Medical – Pfizer Vaccine Research)

Soraya Quintana (Writer)

Clarimar Becerra (pastry chef)

Mariengracia chirinos (Journalist – Reporting Competition for the COVID-19 Reporting Award – International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and International Network of Journalists (IJNET)

Helena CarpioAnd Valentina Oropeza and Maringerasia chirinos (Journalists – Gabo Foundation Research Award Nominee)

Dolores Amalia Soyama (Writer – Your book will be present in the Jurado Grupo Editorial Pavilion at the Miami International Book Fair)

Mighty Delgado (television announcer)

Katie Brown (Writer)

Rachel Rivas Rojas (Writer)

Almond Marina Rivas (Writer)

Kayla Val de la Ville (journalist and writer)

Eleonora Rekina (Poet)

Alejandra Ora (journalist, presenter for CNN Spanish)

Elisa Vega – (director of the orchestra)

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