Carlos Tevez announced that he wants to be technical director: “I made the decision, I will direct it”

Carlos Tevez announced that he wants to be technical director: “I made the decision, I will direct it”
Carlos Tevez announced that he wants to be technical director: “I have made the decision that I will direct”

Carlos Tevez He confirmed on Friday that his next step would be the head coach. Former football player Boca Juniors The Argentine national team announced stray animalsthe course that leads Alexander Fantinoswho is already preparing to start a new course as a coach with him Carlos a lock Retegui.

“I’m going to direct, I’ve made the decision”The former top scorer announced his retirement in 2021, wearing the national team shirt Zenez. Although the last time the possibility of getting involved in La Ribera club politics was considered, he has now stated that his head is focused on assembling his own staff and beginning his role as technical director.

“With Chapa Retigui, I have been working with him and my brothers for 4 or 5 months. We are putting together a comprehensive project and I am excited”As he explained, while expecting his eyes to not focus solely on football, “I like as a working group to face the player on a personal level.”

Retegui is one of the best coaches in national hockey history. With the men’s team he won the gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games and the Olympic gold in Rio 2016, as well as the third place in the 2014 World Cup. In addition, he won with Las Leonas the 2010 World Cup held in Rosario, won three Champions Cups and a silver medal In London 2012 and Tokyo 2020.

Tevez announced that he is preparing with Chapa Retegui (Adrián Escandar)

When asked why this decision was made, he was honest: “I take it because I have the same tingling feeling when I play and I know I can help many boys integrate football.” In addition, he is confident in his ability to give his teams a brand: “(The players) will listen to me because I also have a way of seeing life and football which I think is the most important thing. I will give the player the tools, because if you don’t give him that, it will be very difficult. You can Tell him many things about life, but if you don’t give him the tools…”.

you lookwho as a player had great coaches like Carlos Bianchi, Marcelo Bielsa, Jose Pekerman and Sir Alex Ferguson, among others, did not want to define his style, but expected: “I wouldn’t hold any club to say, ‘Today we have to win because if they don’t kill us all,’ my team will play.. In addition, he made no secret of his desire to reach the substitute bench for Boca Juniors at one point: “It’s a dream.”

In the conversation, the former Manchester United and Juventus player, among other big clubs, revealed that since his retirement he has received offers to put his shoes back on, even receiving calls from the United States, but he has ruled out any option. Additionally, rule out a future in politics by focusing on this new venture.

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