Cash flow: the key to paying services only at the time of use – El Sol de México

Cash flow: the key to paying services only at the time of use – El Sol de México

Miami. Mean DAO, which is integrated into the Solana blockchain platform and is dedicated to cash streaming, will allow cryptocurrency users to manage any type of subscription starting this year, paying only for time of use.

Thus, a person will not have to pay for Netflix or any other subscription service even if they are not using it.

Cuban-American Michel Triana, co-founder and CEO of Mean DAO, explained that the user “only pays for the time from entering the broadcast until leaving.”

This company, of the type DeFi (Decentralized Finance), the equivalent in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to fintech, startups in the finance sector in the digital paradigm, was created a year ago but launched its first products in September 2021.

Triana says it has already raised $8.5 million from venture capital institutions, including SoftBank, and private investors. This allows them to continue advancing on a project that some media outlets have dubbed Spotify of money.

Right now, Mean DAO’s products are all about payroll and transfers.

To Cuba as well, but without interacting with Cuban banks, Triana said when asked by EFE if these shipments could be sent to her home country.

Why do I loan my company without interest?

In the field of payroll, Mean DAO provides an answer to a question many workers ask: Why should I keep lending money at zero percent interest to my company every month?

The question is due to the fact that salaries are paid weekly or monthly, but they begin to be generated from the moment the employee starts working.

Means DAO, which acts as a bank in this, allows you to create an account in which the worker can see in real time how the money generated from his work is accumulating.

You can also dispose of this money whenever you want without waiting for a particular payday.

Triana says it also has advantages for businesses, since it’s easier to make the payroll.

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Trained in Havana and US-based computer science since 2006, Triana has created several startups – the first in 2013 – in the crypto world before Mean DAO and served as a coach and mentor for other entrepreneurs.

In general, it explains the differences between the traditional digital model and the blockchain, whose special sign, he says, is decentralization.

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