Laura Pausini made it to the cinema thanks to a dream and to teach a lesson

Laura Pausini made it to the cinema thanks to a dream and to teach a lesson
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Anna Mingotti

Miami (USA), April 5 (EFE). – Italian singer-songwriter Laura Bossini is full of enthusiasm for the film about her life and career to be released on April 7, because it is an “important life lesson” that already has at the same time a “profound” message to his followers: “Perception of man is not synonymous with fame.”

“Laura Pausini: nice to meet you,” a blend of Endemol Shine Italia’s fictional film for Amazon Studios that was born from a dream, is a hymn to that “normal life” he has against the Faenza singer who’s always doing the party.

The 47-year-old singer shows herself in an interview with enthusiastic Evie, but warns those hoping to see her on screen again that she doesn’t care to try her luck in the cinema, because music is still her thing. .

“It was very beautiful, exciting and touching,” he says of his cinematic experience a few days before he travels to Madrid, where he will be on the day the film will be released in 240 countries via Amazon Prime Video.

Regarding her performance in the movie, she said that she didn’t actually act because she played her and that was a problem for the professional actors who accompanied her because when they chanted a scene she never said the phrase the same way.

Existential doubts, a dream and a movie at the end

According to her account, Amazon Prime Video suggested to her about four years ago that she make a documentary on her autobiography, but she did not accept this because she thought that those who followed her already knew everything about her.

They asked him again several times and the answer was the same, but one night in February 2020 he had a special dream.

She woke up and wrote on her phone a series of thoughts that popped up in her dream about existential questions that had attacked her since the beginning of her career: “Why did all this happen to me? Why am I famous? If not?”

This time she realized the goal of making a movie about herself, so she exposed it to Amazon, which gave the project the green light.

In order to make the film, Laura locked herself up for about a year, amid an epidemic, with director Ivan Cutronio (“La kryptonite nella borsa” and “Un bacio”) and both, along with Monica Rametta (“Un bacio,” “Il volto”). di un’altra”), they wrote the script.

When they finished, they realized they had followed “everything practical” from that guideline written on the phone.

Although while making the film and researching “a huge amount of material from 1993 until today” she remembered many things she had forgotten, especially since her teenage years, she eventually didn’t discover anything about herself that she didn’t know, according to what she says. Efe.

“I am 47, not 27 (…) I am very aware of who I am as a human being,” he says.


First-time viewers will learn a few things about Laura Pausini’s life and, above all, have the chance to see an imaginative resemblance to the famous Laura the singer would have imagined if she had it. Unsuccessful at Sanremo Festival in 1993.

The “big lesson” for her daughter is that Laura’s two are pretty much alike.

As Bossini says, it only changes that more people listen to the victorious Laura Pausini sing in the film than they do to hear the non-famous Laura Pausini sing the same song in a diner.

“The motive” is the same, asserts the artist, who has sold more than 70 million records throughout her career and won many awards with her music.

“My personal achievements do not come from the trophies I have won or from the stadiums I have filled,” Bossini confirms, however.

As a mother, the singer is worried and “extremely scared and uncomfortable” about the effects the fact of being famous can have on her daughter and wants her to know something she was never taught: an individual can also achieve themselves even if it’s not number one or I don’t win.

“Even if he loses, he should feel proud of himself,” says one of the judges at the “No Beat” music talent competition in Spain.

“Celebrities and non-famous are not used to losing (…), they don’t prepare us for that,” he says, noting that he didn’t win an Academy Award for Best Original Song with the song “Io Sì! (Seen)”, a collaboration with Diane Warren, for which he won an award for Best Original Song. At the Golden Globes.

From his mother, he maintains that the way he taught her was “perfect” and that’s why he somehow “copied” this teaching with his daughter Paola, born in February 2013 from his relationship with Paolo Carta.

According to him, throughout his career he lived intensely, knew and lived in different countries and cultures, which made him change some of his habits, but the “deepest roots of values” became stronger.

“We live a very normal life, because on the inside we are normal,” he says of his family. EFE

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