Changing the course after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Changing the course after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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Changing the women’s soccer tournament? This is what a lot of fans are wondering after United State From Alex Morgan NS Megan Rapinoe Has fallen into the semi-finals of Tokyo Olympics 2020 Reverse Canada. The Canadian national team will be measured in this way in the final in Sweden from madridista Indigenous Kosovar.

Tokyo 2020 It leaves a lot of changes on the international scene. And not only in football – in men Spain NS Brazil They are the finalists. Skateboarding or windsurfing has become trampled on the Olympic program, while there are already new kings of both speeds (Marcel Jacobs), as in pool (ONE VELACINOR).

Returning to women’s football, the fall of the United States was a huge surprise. The choice that leads the person who was The golden ball In 2019, they will be fighting for the bronze medal, and while that might be a great result for anyone in the Olympic experience, it’s no small thing for a team that has been dominating with an iron fist on the field.

Julie Erts and Alex Morgan leave the field after defeating the US women’s soccer team


Megan Rapinoe made no excuses after missing the Olympic final: “It’s horrible, we didn’t play. We made too many mistakes again. I felt like there was room for us and we couldn’t get in. We tried a lot of touches that ended up wrong.” .

After 36 matches, the United States fell to Canada. The Americans last lost to their neighbor in 2001. “That’s football. They managed, I think, only one shot on goal, a penalty kick. So… yeah, it’s hard to swallow. Obviously we don’t want to I never lose to Canada, and I don’t even think I’ve lost to Canada throughout my career.” “Benoy”.

“It’s bitter. There’s obviously still a lot to compete for, and that’s what I told the girls. It’s not the color we want, but there’s still a medal at stake and that’s a huge thing, we want to win this match, but yeah that’s…damn.” Player continued OL Reign.

Megan Rapinoe's reaction after Canada's victory over the United States in Tokyo 2020

Megan Rapinoe’s reaction after Canada’s victory over the United States in Tokyo 2020


Players like Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan or Carli Lloyd We’ve been through a lot together and it’s no nonsense to talk about the end of an era: “We’ve been in this for a long time, and now we’re closer to the end than the beginning, but we share a lot of these happy moments, and in the end you know, there weren’t many sad moments, but There were some moments.”

Alex Morgan herself also showed her face after the women’s soccer hit, although a galaxy Orlando Pride He did so through social media: “Devastated to say the least not to compete for a gold medal, but hungry for more and grateful to be able to compete for a bronze in two days. Thank you all for your support!”

Sweden and Canada on gold

Sweden and Canada teams are not new to these matches. In the Rio 2016 OlympicsThe Scandinavian team reached the final, where they fell in front of it Germany. The Canadians took the bronze by winning the match for third and fourth places, respectively Brazil From Martha. Now they will both fight for the Olympic gold medal five years later.

Canada has finally overcome its own “black beast”. They haven’t been able to win the United States for 20 years, so they reach the Olympic women’s soccer final – which takes place on Friday, August 6 from 10:00 Spanish time – with their spirits on the surface. Of course, in the retina, they made it through the semi-finals after a penalty and without showing their best version head on.

Kozovari Aslani celebrates a goal with her teammates on the women's soccer team in Sweden

Kozovari Aslani celebrates a goal with her teammates on the women’s soccer team in Sweden


Against Canada they will fight to be Sweden’s new Olympic champion. The Scandinavian team is presented as the favorite in the final and with top scorer Kosovare Asllani at their team controls. the front of Real Madrid Women He wants the gold medal before returning to the white team, in which he faces the new season 2021/2022 the challenge of playing Women’s Champions League.

It is still unknown what will happen after the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. How will the United States cope with the blow of exit from the final? Will it be the last championship for Rapinoe, Lloyd & Co.? It will be in 2023 when the new World Cup arrives, a year later, another new edition of the Olympic Games, this time the one for Paris 2024. Will it be the moment for European women’s football?

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