Checo Pérez will lose five places in the United States Grand Prix

Checo Pérez will lose five places in the United States Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing will change the engine in Mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez with a force the FIA ​​does not allow, which is why the Guadalajara driver will be penalized with five places.

This weekend, the Formula United States Grand Prix will be held in Austin, Texas, with four races remaining before the end of the 2022 season as the Mexican will seek to finish second in the championship.

Sergio Perez will be punished for the United States Prize

As in other seasons, drivers and teams have broken sports regulations through the use of prohibited items.

Following the change made by Red Bull, Sergio Perez will receive a five-place penalty on the starting grid for the US Grand Prix.

Official FIA regulations

The Mexican wouldn’t be the only one to change in strength, Chinese driver Guanyu Zhoe also received the same punishment due to regulations.

The regulation states that only three changes are allowed throughout the season.

Because of this change, the Mexican will do a great job in the race, during the free tests “Checo” finished fifth, with his new engine showing a great time.

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