Cheptegei achieves his revenge on Barega

Cheptegei achieves his revenge on Barega

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The Ugandan, who was defeated by the Ethiopian at the Games, retained his 10,000m world title in an impressive final.

Joshua Cheptegei was disappointed in Tokyo. He dreamed of Olympic glory in the form of 5000-10000 times, but his dream soon collapsed. A disappointing Ugandan tactic at 10km left Solomon Bariga alive and ruthless. Cheptegei noticed it well and at the World Cup in Eugene made clear that the lesson had been learned. After a massive final lap, Cheptegei became unbeatable, a wall that Ethiopian Bariga couldn’t beat, so much so that the Ugandan celebrated victory while the Olympic champion slipped to fifth. Kiplemo’s bronze wrapped up the Ugandan party’s ambition this time for the frailty that has held out at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

The long-distance races of the major championships, especially the 10km races, have long become a strategic game among African nations. It turns out that everyone goes their own way. Now the match between Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya is leaving finals like last night, fantastic from start to finish. Joining the party was Carlos Mayo, the only Spaniard present in the race, who decided to take the lead because the race was at his own pace, and no changes would destroy his tactics. Aragon, at 13th at the finish after a great performance, remained in the lead until the third kilometre, at which point the tactical jig began.

Uganda sent Kiza to the front, not quite as much as he was in Tokyo when he went solo. An even move as Ethiopia advanced into the center, while Kenyan and American athletes waited hidden in the group. But she was on her way to the sixth kilometer when the temperature was taken in the final. Cheptegei took over, and from that moment his goal was to exhaust his opponents with a progressive and steady rhythm, which little by little weakened the leading group.

The last two kilometers were intense, with at least eight athletes aspiring to everything. Among them is the great American angler, who is the fastest white athlete in distance since last March with 26.33.84. The stadium had only eyes and encouragement for its athletes, but Cheptegei was not ready for future gifts. After some attempts by Kenyans and Ethiopians, the world record holder for 5 and 10 km on the track regained control on the last lap. And he didn’t let them talk to him anymore. Solomon Bariga tried the same tactic as in the games, hitting and breaking the Ugandan in a straight line. But this time the lesson has already been learned. And the opposite happened. Cheptegei flew without looking back. Bariga drowned and the party was from Uganda. She left the United States with honey on her lips for that illustrious fourth-place fishing tackle. Mayo battled with the best with 27:50.61, 13th with the mark of 16 among the participants.

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