Chess shone on Lido

Caracas dressed up to receive the best Creole playersNational Quick and Blitz Championships It was successfully organized by the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA) on the terrace of LIDOTEL. Among the winners of The Rapid Tournament highlighted talented Masters (CM) candidate, Olympian Samid Escalona and Beatriz Camacho of Carabobo in the extreme categoryin Sub 20 team defeated Jose Jimenez and Vidaloz Chavez, in In subclass 14 the winners were Rubén Perez and Yacel Leon, in subclass 12 Christian Allen and Ivana Moreno, and in subclass 10 Jose Torres and Maria Aguilar.

Blitz tournament won prominently before International Master (IM) Felix Ynojosa (Upon his successful return to the boards) s National Teacher (MN) Beatriz NogueraOn the Under 20 Ángel González and Valeria Maez won, in Under 14 Mauricio Vivas and Sofia Brito won, in Under 12 victory matched Santiago Ortega and Ivana Moreno and in Under 10 Maria Aguilar and José Torres. The events showed the progress of the relief generation of Creole chess and served as a directorAnd the Grand Master (WGM) Sarri Sanchez accompanied by international referees Eli Sol Sequeira and José Luis Gilarte.

Today will be the presentation The famous movie “Queen of Katwe”. (Based on a real-life story, by Ugandan gamer Phiona Mutesi that was made into a movie thanks to Walt Disney) In the beautiful Bolivian Museum (oldest in the country) In the center of Caracas, the activity begins at 1 pm It will include a Discussion and analysis by M.I. Juan Röhl, organized by the competent head of the museum, License. Carlos Uztariz is versatile and is part of a range of activities in favor of seeding chess in Caracas society.

Another important tournament cycle is implementation Welfare Foundation on the anniversary of its foundingincludes a sub-1700 class championship to be played Tomorrow December 3 at the Psychology Library of the University of Central Venezuela (UCV) In addition to the team chess tournament on Sunday, December 4th and training activities on Meta Poker, Chess and Addiction by Lic. Jairo Eliseo Molina and Pedro José Menses Montes accompanied by Principal Candidate (CM) Jesús Alberto Molina at the Bolivarian University today from 9 am to 12 noon.For more information, call the phone 0414 4711443

December will bring the fulfillment of multiple events, such as Senior National Championship (for players over 50 years old) which will be held in Alexandre Boveda Chess in the Galician Brotherhood in Caracas (the oldest chess club in Venezuela) From December 8 to 11, another event of great importance will be Fourth National Amateur Festival, activity to be organized by FVA in Casa del Ajedrez “Maestro FIDE Oliver Soto Páez” In Barquisimeto, from 08 to 10 December.

Let’s see below a A Counseling Study of the Talented and Brilliant CM Giuseppe Abatantuono LattaruloWhite prevails in the position indicated in the diagram with an excellent attacking maneuver.

1. Qb3!! (Excellent move quickly decides and leaves the lions in Zugzwang) 1 … Kuwaiti Dinar 4 (after 1… d4 2. Qf3mate; 1… f4 2. Qd3mate; 1… Qh6 2. Qd3+! Kf4 3. Qe3mate; 1… Qc5 2. Qf3+! Kd4 3. Qd3mate; 1… Qc5 2. Qf3+! Kd4 3. Qd3mate; 1…Kf4 2.Qe3mate) 2. Qd3+! (accurate complement) Kc5 3. Qa3+! (Won by Ms. Engineering, from this educational problem authored by Mr. Abatantuno on December 11, 2021 in El Paraiso in Caracas) 1-0

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