Osasuna Never Surrender arrives in Madrid with a mural

Osasuna Never Surrender arrives in Madrid with a mural

“Osasuna never gives up” It has become an international hit covering multiple angles, especially where it is younger. In the schoolyard, on the bus, on the street … From now on, it can also be seen in Madrid thanks to a mural by LKN that glorifies this trend.

It all started on TikTok two months ago. swept logo After inexplicably recovering a video from 2017, where aA group of boys and girls from Uganda sang their cry of support. Well, the wave has been a worldwide trend. Osasuna took advantage of the drawing to show the phrase in the third episode.

On Calle de la Palma, in MalasanaThis work gives importance to one of the children who appears in the pictures with an expressive gesture. On a red shirt, the slogan “Osasuna never give up”.

It is not known why the 2017 video released by Eneko Elósegui was so suddenly and successfully rescuedA volunteer from Navarre captured this moment in an orphanage in Uganda. The truth is that the phenomenon has exceeded all expectations, albeit to a lesser extent, and is still present in schools and social networks.

“They were kids without resources. After class, I suggested that they sing in Spanish and dance. I taught them the song “Osasuna Never Give Up”, but also taught them another song. The time we were in Rochelos was much worse. There was no surrender. I thought if they learned it well, I would videotape it and give them some of my Osasuna Foundation T-shirts. That’s how it went. I hallucinated so quickly that they flared up. I sent it via WhatsApp to my friends, to the friends from Osasuna, to the boys in residence… I had no other intention. Something funny. I loved making videos as a joke abroad, like the program Caligeros Viajeros. His origins were recently explained by Eniko Elosegui, who admitted he had “outgrown” the dimensions he had acquired after five years.

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