Chess speaks against accusations of cheating

Chess speaks against accusations of cheating

Chess is one of the most media points in recent years. the scandal that Hans Niemann (San Francisco, US; 2003) as the protagonist and was prompted by complaints from Magnus Carlson (Tonsberg, Norway, 1991). This quarrel escalated to almost unimaginable levels.

Neiman is accused of cheating to gain the best, like Carslin, and the gate He published a devastating report depicting more than 100 times he cheated Hans into online games. There are many more than he has admitted, only a few with 12 and 16 and in some “casual” games.

Everyone is skeptical, but there is still no conclusive evidence that he cheats in live games. And Niemann, for the time being, continues to win important games, as evidenced at the beginning of 2022 US Championship Where he participates with 13 players in chess.

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The tournament takes place from 4-20 October and consists of 13 rounds in which everyone is measured against all. Competitors – all Grand Masters – fight for $250,500 in prize money and the title of Champion.

In the male and female categories, the best chess players in the country meet for two weeks at the St. Louis Club. Wesley SuAnd the Levon AronianAnd the Fabiano Carona also Linear Dominguez They are some of Niemann’s competitors. also Richard Routhwho is indirectly blamed on the major chess scandal by his resignation from Sinquefield Cup And he left the vacancy that Niemann filled.

Magnus Carlsen, during a FIDE chess match


Sinquefield was held at the same venue where the best in the USA now compete. Saint Louis That was the stage where Carlsen lost to Neiman. That defeat and doubts about his opponent on the board led Magnus to withdraw from the said tournament after three rounds and a few days later to give up, in just two moves, his match against the same opponent in the tournament. Online Julius Baer.

Since then, the controversy has begun to gain more and more volume, with Nieman’s character at the center of the target. California was named Grandmaster in January 2021, at the age of 17, and has been playing non-stop tournaments since graduating from high school. Among other championships, he won a race Tippi Sigman 2022The Monument No. 55 Capablanca and the US Junior Championships 2021. But not all successes explain, for some, the level of perfection Hans has recently shown.

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As long as it is not proven that Niemann cheated in the games head-on, he continues to compete. At the US Championships, he remained among the top players after the first rounds. It is his way of “responding” to the attacks he has received in recent weeks, while everything is closely monitored.

The tournament has taken several measures to combat cheating: the transmission of matches is delayed half an hour, spectators are not allowed in the stadium, player controls, as well as metal detectors, search for silicon devices or radio signals. . One of Niemann’s checks went viral on networks.

“This match is a message,” Neiman spoke after defeating 15-year-old Christopher Yu in the first round. He did not even stop analyzing the game in an interview that lasted less than a minute: “It was such a beautiful game that I don’t need to describe it.”

This was Niemann’s full statement: “I think this game is a message for everyone. It all started with me saying that chess spoke for itself – after a match against Carlsen – and I think this game spoke for itself and showed the chess player that it was me, and it also showed that I would not back down and I would play Best chess no matter what pressure I’m under, that’s all I have to say about this game. That’s all I have to say.”

Hans challenges the great masters of chess, while video (International Chess Federation) There is still an open investigation into this case. He ventured to say in his report that there was a “clear anomaly” in Neiman’s rise, though he noted “there is no concrete statistical evidence that he cheated in his game with Magnus or in any other board game”.

More and more competitors join the battle of Carlsen, who competes in European Championship of clubs. NakamuraAnd the caruana also Nebo It was some of those who supported Magnus. Baku Vallejothe number one in Spain, was brilliant on social networks when commenting on this: either Niemann is the greatest talent in history or he is receiving outside help.

scandal in norway

These are jerky days in chess. Another scandal was added to this scandal, also in the country of Magnus Carlsen. head norwegian chess federationAnd the Joachim Berger NielsenHe announced his resignation on Friday after admitting to previously cheating in a tournament.

The day before, Nielsen had admitted to the Norwegian public television NRK that in three matches of the championship Professional Chess League In the 2016/2017 season, he was helped by another person who was hiding in the room.

His comments sparked on the same day that the Norwegian Football Association issued a statement condemning the events, praising the integrity of its president.

“We have received Joachim Nielsen’s decision to step down as president. We understand and appreciate that he takes responsibility for his actions, choosing what is best for the chess family,” another statement released on Friday read.

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