“We are pleased with Jorge Velda’s work”

“We are pleased with Jorge Velda’s work”

Luis Rubiales He was present this Sunday in the preliminary stage draw for Euro 2024 in Frankfurt. There is a destiny Spanish choice From Luis Enrique On the way to the next big event on the continent, the commotion has saved it Spain will face Scotland, Norway and Georgia s Cyprus. At the end of this act, chief Real Spanish Football Federation He appreciated the duo but was also asked about the women’s team after all the hype that has been generated in recent days.

The head of the federation took the opportunity to be firm, and once again released a general message of support for the coach Jorge Vilda Before many players rebelled: “We are very happy with all the work of Jorge Velda and all his staff,” Rubiales said again emphatically.

Several players have informed the Royal Spanish Football Federation of their position not to play for Spain again while Jorge Velda continued to lead the team. A decision that sparked a great controversy about the national team and the coach, and ended with a last revolutionary invitation to play the last friendly matches with the World Cup approaching.

In fact, next Tuesday Spain will play against the United States, one of the best teams in the world. It will be a tough test, but it was like that last week against Sweden, and Velda’s team ended on a good note, something that delighted Rubiales: “I can’t go to the USA game, but I’ve been in constant contact with that focus with and with Jorge Velda. Rafa Mr.. I’ve seen the game before SwedenAnd it was a great match, probably the best match in Spain against the Swedes,” said the president.

The president of the Spanish Football Federation continued to praise the women’s team: “We had seven or eight chances to score against Sweden, although they had their own chances. I think that, especially in the second half, we were superior. When they left the game, they played very well.” . Luis Rubiales also spoke about the following team’s commitment: “Now comes another touchstone against the best team in the world, United State. It will certainly be very difficult, but they will definitely compete.”

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Humility for the European Championship

On the other hand, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation commented on his impressions of the Euro 2024 draw: “In this group, certainly by ranking, although we try to be humble, we have to realize that our goal is to be the champions of the group to be in the next European Championship and we will see, but even with respect to everyone, there will certainly be surprises.”

Rubiales celebrated avoiding the wonderful “coconut” that would have touched the national team as it was France And the EnglandBut he was also confident that “many other teams wanted to avoid Spain”. “I’m happy that in the end it allows us to face the teams and we respect them all. There will be an interesting match,” Luis Rubiales continued after the draw.

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