Spain Women’s National Team: Carson Beckett and his life motto: “It’s forbidden to say I can’t”

Spain Women’s National Team: Carson Beckett and his life motto: “It’s forbidden to say I can’t”

Carson Beckett is the only new member of Team USA to face Spain on Tuesday (8:30 p.m., Teledeporte) At El Sadar in Pamplona regarding the team that played against England at Wembley last Friday. Vlatko Andonovski had to call the NC Courage defense instead of Emily Fox, who was hit in the head and had to leave camp according to protocol. One from Jacksonville, 29, is The first footballer with a physical disability to compete in the international elite.

Mike & Treasure, Carson’s parents, did not do an ultrasound while the little girl was pregnant so as not to surprise reveal the gender of the baby.. For this reason, when on September 15, 1995 they saw the birth of little Beckett There is no left hand or forearmThey couldn’t help but shed tears of uncertainty. However, they were the first to treat their daughter as a normal person thus They put wisdom in the house: Forbidden to say I can’t..


Carson was alone six months ago and removed the prosthesis that was placed in her left hand. She learned to tie her shoes, braid her hair, climb trees, and even ride a bike like any kid. Well, maybe with a few more bruises, but always without giving up anything. Even at the age of seven, he insisted his parents sign him to go swimming with his neighborhood friends. “I’ve always been asked what it feels like to do things with one arm and I always get the same question: How do you do it with both arms? I know only one way to do it”in an interview with the Seattle Times.

Influenced by his parents’ athletic past (Mike played soccer and Treasure played basketball), Carson experimented with all kinds of sports. One day the tennis teacher congratulated him on his hand with one hand. “Fortunately, because I didn’t try to use hands,” I answered lightly.. Puberty made him hide his disability in jackets he didn’t take off, even Football gave him the confidence to undress both physically and emotionally. “I want people to know that even though it’s a disability, it’s not. I can do anything someone else can do. There’s nothing I can’t do without my arms, there’s always a way,” he says.

After winning the college league with Florida State’s Seminoles, Beckett played for Seattle Rain, Brisbane Roar, Orlando Pride, Apollon Ladies and North Carolina Braves.. “Obviously I don’t have a party, but in football I don’t think it’s a weakness. The only thing I don’t usually do is take the band out of the band,” he says with a laugh. Left-back with great speed, talent and vision for the game. “It’s amazing to achieve something that no one thinks you can achieve. It’s kind of a cliché, but it’s true. A lot of people might question you because they don’t understand you, but I think I can lead by example,” she stresses.

Views in the World Cup

After playing in the Sub’17 and Sub’23 classes with the US national team, Carson made his first-team debut on June 28 in a friendly match against Colombia that his team won 2-0. “It’s the best night of my life,” he wrote on social media. She is the only international figure of Beckett fighting to fulfill the dream of playing the World Cup for her country. This Tuesday, against Spain, he has a new chance to impress Andonovsky.

Although her quality and effort are unquestionable, Beckett is used to being in the spotlight for being a physically disabled footballer.. “As much as you don’t care, you do,” he says. “I’ve seen how they interview my colleagues and the questions they ask me are different, and you’re always focused on my forearm.” “One of the most important things I had to learn was that my arms are my story. When I finally understood that I felt completely relaxed and happy.”ultimate

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