Timetable and where to watch Spain and the United States on TV

Timetable and where to watch Spain and the United States on TV

The Spanish choice He will face the toughest possible test against the best in the world, which is United State from Rapion. The four-time Planet Champion wants to make up for the defeat she suffered a few days ago England (2-1) and will look for him against a Spanish team in the midst of a crisis after what happened with 17 players who continue to operate without wanting to know anything about selection as long as Velda remains in office.

The match you are going to play in Sadar Pamplona will be the second of the friendlies in this window after the tie-breaking encounter that took place on October 8. (1-1) Reverse Sweden. The selection showed that the second and third line can also be competitors with a Alba tour Extraordinary and experienced football players like Cardona or Athena del Castillo.

Spain showed a great version before the number Three of the order She was even able to take the cat to the water at several stages of the match where he was Velda Tighten the youth and insolence To put the European semi-final on the ropes. La Roja in the process “compulsory renewal” For what happened with the football players and preparing for the next World Cup that I played in New Zealand and Australia must be comprehensive and regular.

Spain faced the challenge of beating number one in the standings

Football players in Spain face a difficult, but at the same time very exciting challenge. Spanish national team never imposed to pick United State He will seek to make a whiff at home and in front of the Pamplona fans. Al Sadar will see a great match with two teams who have not met since 2020.

On that occasion, the North American cadre somewhat prevailed (1-0) On the Schblefice Cupbut as our enormous potential has been shown on several occasions to go forward against a team made up of players in stature Rapino, Lloyd, Horan, or Moyes.

Spain and the United States The faces have been seen up to three times and La Roja hasn’t been crushed in any of them. In 2020, the Spanish national team fell thanks to a goal artsin 2019 defeat was by 1-2 On the world Cup In the same year, the Spanish team lost at least one goal from Irene Paredes.

Irene Guerrero withdraws, Rosa Marquez continues the call

field You will be able to count on the whole team except for the Atlético de Madrid player, Erin Guerrero. The midfielder will not be able to participate in the match against the United States after being diagnosed with Adductor longus muscle injury The right leg that will prevent him from playing the most important match in the friendly duels window.

Rose MarquisThe Real Betis player will be her replacement and has already joined the rest of her teammates to prepare for the match that closes the team’s focus before continuing in the league and where the goal will be to arrive in the best conditions for a good role in the World Cup next summer.

Rapion supports 100% of Spanish players

The Golden Ball 2019 And the maximum value of the American team, Megan RapinoeHe did not want to miss the opportunity and showed Before RTVE microphones All his support for footballers who gave up playing for their country. “Sad thingbut players have to keep fighting for what is considered the bare minimum in terms of how to do it Treat and respect them“, pointed out.

Rapinoe, to RTVE: “I’m 100% with the Spanish national team players”

In addition to the football player king The United States has made it clear where it stands. “I am with them 100% And so are the rest of our team.” The US team just lost the previous friendly match against England (2-1) We will try to make up for the defeat against menew spanish team that will seek to compete with the number one ranked in women’s football.

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