The state of play of the 2022-2023 Premier League season


It seems as if the Premier League keeps on offering a better show with the passing of each season. Every year a new couple of underdog clubs show signs of being able to give a fight for the top positions. Add to the mix the fact that we went from having 4 big performing clubs to 6 or almost 8 big teams that can fight for every title available, and you get one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

In the following article, we will be analyzing the state of play of the current Premier League season so it may help you when placing your bets on different markets. Let’s dig in!

The rise of mid-table teams

The Premier League has received record-breaking income from overseas TV-rights agreements. The competition is hugely popular in Asian countries and broadcasters in countries like Thailand have hugely invested in TV rights to showcase the league.

It has also ended up benefitting a large array of industries related to football. Betting on the outcome of Premier League games is a very popular activity among foreign fans who complement their sports TV-watching afternoons with the placing of odds for the best games of the weekend. This has promoted the growth of Asian platforms offering the best sports betting sites, known in Thailand as พนันกีฬาออนไลน์, for Premier League fans. From a variety of payment methods to betting guides and all these services in guaranteed websites proven to work safely in Asian countries.

Clubs can receive up to 100 million pounds a year only through TV rights income issued from the huge demand of Premier League football in the world, meaning that only a handful of clubs in Europe can compete financially with English clubs.

This has seen the likes of Nottingham Forest spend more money in the summer transfer window than clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, or PSG.

Other clubs such as Newcastle have been bought by wealthy foreign fortunes who are already splashing big cash on transfers such as Alexander Isak who was brought for 70 million euros. The team is on the top half of the table and has only lost one game so far after fighting for relegation last season.

And then there are other clubs such as Brighton (currently on Champions League spots) and Brentford (top half of the table), who are becoming very competitive thanks to a solid sporting project and implementation of a style of play that’s reaping its fruits. Brighton’s 3-3 draw at Liverpool is a sign that mid-table teams will just keep improving and posing a threat to other teams in the Premier League.

Clubs to keep an eye on

Besides Manchester City and Liverpool, who fought face to face for the last 3 Premier Leagues, other teams want to place their nominations for the title.

One of them is Arsenal. The team managed by Mikel Arteta recorded 5 consecutive wins at the beginning of the season, they’re the most entertaining side of the competition so far with Manchester City and having missed the top 4 for the last 6 years, it seems as if this year they will fight for the Premier League.

The other team is Tottenham Hotspur. They’ve never won the Premier League, but Antonio Conte is a manager that has had success in every team he’s coached. Spurs are showing to be a solid team on defense and very effective on the counterattack, and even if their style of play is not as expansive and offensive as you would expect from a title-challenging team, they are a team to watch.

What about the other historic teams in the Premier League?

Manchester City has won 4 out of the last 5 Premier League titles. This year they remain the club with the best odds of retaining the title. The addition of Norwegian attacker Erling Haaland is proving to be one of the best transfer agreements in the history of the club. With 11 games played and 18 goals scored he’s bound to break the goal-scoring record of the competition (32).

Liverpool is currently on a dip in performance. They are being forced to cover many starters’ injuries and a drop in the form of key players such as Virgil Van Dijk and Mohamed Salah. It could be too late to recover the lost ground until they find a new balance.

Chelsea is having a rough start to the season. A streak of bad results has seen manager Thomas Tuchel lose his job on the sidelines and we can expect newcomer Graham Potter to need time to settle his playing style. The depth of the squad he has should still be enough to contend for the top 4.

And regarding the most successful English side in history, Manchester United, they remain a shadow of what they once were. They should have more patience than Chelsea with their new manager, Erik Ten Hag, but it doesn’t seem as if the team can fight for the top 4. Pressure is high on the club, but they’re still in the process of building a winning team.

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