Ex-player Jules Weiss leaves Cuba for the United States

Ex-player Jules Weiss leaves Cuba for the United States

Former star player baseball Cuban Youlface Face Morales has left the island and seeks to cross United State Along its southern border, journalist Frances Romero reported Tuesday.

Close sources said that Vess, 42, “left Cuba in the past few hours and intends to reach the United States.” Romero confirmedBaseball writer and reporter.

Avatar for Ciego de Avila Tigers According to Romero’s information, “the usual route began in 2022” for Cuban immigrants and is “on a journey through Central America.”

Yoelvis Fiss has been involved in over 20 National Baseball Series (SNB) and was part of the Avilanian team that has been crowned three times in the Cuban major tournament. He was also a member of the Cuban team that was sent to international tournaments several times.

According to Frances Romero, who described Viss as a “fantastic hitter,” the player has scored more than 200 home kicks and led in more than 1,000 runs throughout his career. For Specialist, “He’s one of the few speculators to have 20 or more pigeon soups on a post-season history in Cuba.”

Yoelvis Fiss left the SNB in ​​2021 and officially retired at a ceremony in Ciego de Ávila on March 16 this year.

according to Displayed numbers by state newspaper Workers As of early 2022, more than 635 baseball players of any age have left the island over the past six years, but that number should be higher today.

According to Francis Romero, “The exodus of Cuban athletes, both active and retired, does not end this year. More than a hundred athletes or former players have decided to leave Cuba by any means “only in 2022.

The athletes’ behavior is in line with the wave of general migration caused by the economic and social rights crisis in Cuba. They leave by legal means or flee in international tournaments, seeking to join major leagues or other leagues that offer better salaries and conditions for developing the sport.

In the case of former players like Yoelvis Fiss, in Romero’s opinion, it is possible that they “continue to play baseball as coaches” in the United States, as has happened with many veteran players in recent years.

Since 2020, more than 120 athletes have quit the National Institute of Sports and Recreation (Inder), according to official data. The Cuban regime reported that in the past decade more than 800 athletes of all disciplines and nearly two thousand coaches have left the island.

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