‘Chicharito’ Hernández can be traced back to the Liga MX


After the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Mexican was expected to become the team’s top scorer Los Angeles GalaxyBut the truth is, it was just a disappointment. Less than a year after his arrival, the MLS could be looking for a way out, which is why.Chicharito Hernandez will return Chivas on loan.

He has a goal with Angelenos.

After passing Europe, the Mexican decided to give his MLS career a chance, but between injuries and a lack of goals, the criticism did not stop. The team is not happy with its performance, and neither are the fans. Who are asking for their departure.

Chicharito is one of the highest earning players in American football, so it wasn’t a good investment for the Galaxy device. The The team is in last place in the Western Conference And it doesn’t look like they’re leaving there with the help of the Mexican striker.

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This made the rumors about his return to Chivas even higher.

Since he started getting worse in Europe, the media have confirmed that he will return to Guadalajara, the team that made itself known and finally led it to football in the “old continent”. Also, when it comes to MLS, Hernandez has not ruled out the possibility of one day returning to “the herd”.

The person responsible for arousing suspicion is ESPN’s Hercules Gomez, who shared a tweet from the Galaxy Rumors page, where it was said that Chicharito will return Chivas, Maybe on loan, but there is also a possibility to sell to the club.

She is one of the most loved in “herd” history.

They made their debut in the First Division, He played 78 matches, scored 29 goals and provided 11 assists. The Mexican hasn’t had these numbers in a team for many years, so going back to where it all started can help him remember his talent.

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