The Barcelona star has confirmed that the club is not in a good moment


Even though they started the 2020/21 LaLiga season with a “right foot”, some are still not satisfied with the team’s performance. One of the oldest players, Sergio Busquets spoke about Barcelona And the bad time they were living in for several months.

Last season, he left the club empty-handed.

It can be said that it was one of the worst years for Barcelona and not just because of the fact that they did not take any title, but because of problems off the field. Messi has had many discussions with senior managers and That was something that affected the dressing room.

This led to a change of coach Ronaldo Koeman, which also led to the departure of important players such as Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic and. Most painful for the Blaugrana fan, Luis Suarez. That’s why Sergio Busquets thinks Barcelona is not at its best, but he could get better.

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He emphasized that foreign issues affected them.

“One thing is what happens outside the stadium, and it is true that it is not the best moment inside the club, N.Or I’ll break it down because I can spend six hours And the last thing happening inside, “ He commented in an interview with the Spanish national team when they asked him about the “culé”.

Last season nobody was doing well and that was something that was noticed in the dynamics of the team, although that does not mean that they cannot change. “It was not our best year, it appeared individually and collectively. Football is a team sport if you are not good collectively that means you are not like that. We have a new opportunity. Things have changed, and we hope everything will improve. ”And the Expression.

The next game is on October 17th.

The history of FIFA ends this week, which means players will return with their teams, and now then Sergio Busquets spoke about Barcelona, This bad time is expected to be a part of the past and they will feature it in their next match against Getafe.

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