Chico Perez: What does a Mexican have to do to be the runner-up in Formula One?

Chico Perez: What does a Mexican have to do to be the runner-up in Formula One?

Dutchman Max Verstappen crowned Formula 1 (F1) champion after winning the Japanese-Mexico Grand Prix Sergio “Chico” Perez He finished the race in second place after a penalty kick by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, which propelled him to Climb to sub-ranking leadership with four races to go.

“Checo” Pérez, who earlier won the Singapore GP, will be looking at with Red Bull 1-2 in the drivers’ championship, Something that will be unprecedented at the end of the season, So the priority for Guadalajara and the team will be to get the best positions that give them these results.

After the Japanese Grand Prix “Checo” Pérez He has 253 points, just one point behind Charles Leclerc in third, So for Red Bull, the proximity that both drivers must fulfill their aspirations will be important.

In these four remaining grand prizes (US, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi), “Checo” Pérez aspires to a maximum of 112 points; For this he must win all the races (each gives 25 points) and have four of the fastest laps, as well as eight of the sprints.

But it seems difficult though If he finishes everything before Leclerc, he will maintain his advantage over the Monegasque.

Currently, “Checo” Pérez has his sights set on the next major awards, namely the United States and Mexican GP.

As for racing in his country, the Mexican realized several weeks ago that his dream was to “win”, hoping to make a good stride in the US, Brazil and conclude in Asia.



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