Cholo Simeone spoke about the conflict with Rodrigo de Paul after appearing at an event with Tine

Cholo Simeone spoke about the conflict with Rodrigo de Paul after appearing at an event with Tine
Diego Simeone talks about the conflict with Rodrigo de Paul

After participating in the United States tour with the Argentine national team, Rodrigo Dibol He was left in the eye of the storm in Madrid as a result of a video clip that went viral on social media in which he was seen escorting his partner, singer Tini Stossel, at an event in Miami. The scandal was related to The footballer asked to join Atlético training later due to “his father’s health problem”According to the newspaper Brand. However, he made an appearance in the United States during this award show.

While rumors grow by the hour, Diego Pablo Simeone He touched on the topic publicly for the first time in the preview of the match against Girona in the eighth round of the Spanish League. “The other correct name for the past days was Rodrigo de Paul, and there has been a lot of talk during the week. I don’t know if I could talk to him, if he gave his explanations etc… if any action will be taken and how is the player situation.This is what a Spanish journalist said at the press conference.

“There is nothing to comment on, you only have to resolve the situations internally as we have always resolved them. Sure, yes, we spoke to Rodrygo, that’s normal… He’s one of our players, important to the team and we want him to be good with the team.”briefly mentioned Colosse.

Simeone admitted that he spoke with De Paul after what happened (Image: Reuters)

These statements are in line with what the club’s president, Enrique Cerezo, said a few days ago. “Well, what I’m going to tell you is very clear, it’s an issue between us and him. And I think everything has already been said.”He said before the press insistence. “It’s about him and us. What happens outside here, no one cares more than we do,” he repeated.

Besides this brief assessment of what happened to the 28-year-old, Simeone did not elaborate on the amazing decision he made against Brugge in the Champions League. Although he added him to the bench after not being able to call him up against Sevilla, DT left him sitting and didn’t even send him to warm up. Punishment or tactical decision? “DePaul thought it was his turn to warm up to get in. He got up thinking it was his turn but the coaching staff ordered him to sit down again‘, as reported by the journalist from Brand David Medina.

Until this conflict, DePaul had been involved in all sides of the mattress In the season either as a start or off the bench. He was from the start in four games – in which he contributed a goal – although he also jumped onto the field in four other matches after starting as a saviour. This Saturday, starting at 11.15, Atlético will welcome Girona with a desire to get closer to the top of the championship. Will DePaul be there?

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