The unrecognizable Spanish team is being tested against Sweden

The unrecognizable Spanish team is being tested against Sweden

UnrecognizableSpanish elections De Velda will gauge his current form against one of the best teams on the continent. Swedenwho was already in the semi-finals of the European Championships held on British soil, will have the pressure of being the favorite against Spain. Full of unknown players at the absolute level and It will start with feature For the experience enjoyed by the staff.

The match between the Spaniards and Sweden will be like Thermometer To know the level of the new players who have been called up and also to prepare for the next World Cup event that will be held in it New Zealand and Australia Next year. The fencing can be seen in Telesport and RTVE Play It promises strong feelings with choices in moments and Very different dynamics.

subordinate 23 players Velda chose her, 17 practically new They are in the first team and they will have to show their potential if they want the Madrid coach to include them in the shortlist for next summer. The situation with the 15 players who quit the national team does not seem to have changed and Spain will see several months of anxiety with Velda on the tightrope.

Ivana, Irene and Esther, the new captains of the national team

Given the endless losses of players like Aitana, Pebble, Mabe Leon, or CaldenteThe national team decided to give the captain bracelet to a few footballers who did not join the statement and who still wanted to represent their country despite the complicated situation in the country. RFEF On this subject.

Evan, Esther (Real Madrid) and warrior (Atletico Madrid) will be the most important figure on the lawn Archangel And they carry the presidency on their arm for them Seniority and experience Appear in multiple tournaments with ‘la Roja’. The three footballers were already part of the team that traveled to the last European Championship and presumably They will start against Team North.

New Spain changes its appearance, but not its philosophy

Other names and other players but the same philosophy. The team is facing a tough challenge against a Swedish team that was able to put together teams like Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands in the European Championship. Footballers are passionate and want to play a good match away from everything that is not football related.

In addition to the leaders, up to six players have not yet made their debut and have not been called by the coach. And theNeith Salon, Lucia Rodriguez, Maria Mendes, Ana Tejada, Nuria Rabano and Annie Azcona They dream of wearing absolute elastic for the first time in their career and will do so with the absolute support of Vilda. Many of them were under-20 world champions only a month ago and they are the coach He wants to give continuity to football players They have huge potential to be important in the team.

Sweden, a power that smells of success

The Swedish team is a team that always enters the major tournament pools. players like Blackstenius, Angeldal, Eriksson, or RolfoPlay in top-ranked clubs and have a proven track record of success. World runner-up in 2003, European champion in 1984, and two silver medals at the 2016 and 2020 Olympics These are some of the titles held by a team called to do great things.

The team was trained by Gerhardsson She finished first in the group in the World Cup qualifiers with 22 points, 32 goals for him and only two against him. The striker is made up of two Arsenal players (Hortig and Blacksteinius) And another from Milan (original) The biggest obstacle for the Spanish team will be in the first friendly match between the two, which will be played by the new students of Felda.

It’s been 26 years since we faced the women’s team Sweden and this time will not do it in the best of circumstances. In the summer of 1997, Spain played its last match against the Nordic countries, narrowly losing 0-1 at the European Championships that year. A season ago, the citizens had harvested The worst result in its history Before the same check for 0-8.

However, “La Roja” also He takes first place in his group In the qualifying stage for the World Cup to be held in Oceania with 53 goals and not one against him. Now, the most unrecognizable Spain we remember, He must prove himself against Sweden first And then before one of the greatest powers that exist, the United State from Rapion.

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