Chucky Lozano appears in a surprising way in the Netflix series, Narcos México


Chucky Lozano Suddenly appeared in a series netflix, Narcos MexicoWhen fans noticed, they did not hesitate to make him notice on social networks.

series Narcos Mexico It has become one of the most popular sites on Netflix, although fans have noticed a mistake involving Napoli footballer Chucky Lozano.

and that is The story takes place in the eighties. Although in a scene from the last chapter of Season 3 where the camera focuses on a DEA agent, there is a window covered with newspaper in the background, Where you can see the front page of the press Chucky Lozano.

The cover shows a soccer player with a shirt Naples, Although the fans took the error in a sarcastic tone, because in the series it is assumed that it is 1980 and that the signing of the football player was until 2019, while Chucky was born in 1994, so His appearance is impossible by date.

Chucky Lozano in the Mexican soccer team

Chucky Lozano It became an important part of the scheme Gerardo Martino, Although in recent games he has not been able to shine as the team has lowered its level.

In addition to, The next match they will play against Jamaica, since he was booked for the match against Canada and now, he will have to cheer Tri from off the bench.

In the national team they know that their time has come, although for a player this should not be a reason to “lose heads”.

“In Mexico they always want to behead, but that’s not the case, it’s a process. If you analyze the matches we’ve played, you can see how we played, how we beat the United States in the game, but it’s very silly notices that we have to improve, but I Quiet because in general in the game Chucky confirmed in a press conference that we were superior to them.”

Chucky Lozano (Foto: Twitter)

Mexico national football team heads to Qatar 2022

The Mexico soccer team He had some setbacks in the first half of the World Cup qualifiers, although he is currently third in the octagon, but he has to improve.

In the beginning, the ones he leads Gerardo Martino They were positioned as leaders, but fell heavily against the United States and Canada, so despite the absence of Chucky Lozano They have to do a good job.

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