“You” gives us the best TV moment of the year on Fox News


We knew this would happen one day. Hard to find offer You are In search engines without adding anything else, after all the title of the famous Netfix string is “you” in English. Of course, if we talk in Spanish and suddenly we say “you,” there’s no potential confusion, we’re talking about a Netflix series, but in the US we always imagine that something like what happened on Fox News, is a viral clip. It can happen overwhelmingly and appears to be a scheme set up for perfection.

On the Laura Ingraham Show on Fox News, in the midst of a discussion about diseases and the Covid-19 vaccine, Richard Arroyo came up with the comment that the topic of the measles vaccine surfaced the next day. You are. The presenter took the word “you” as a reference to her show, and began to deny that she or her show had dealt with this topic before, believing that Arroyo was wrong.

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Arroyo, initially upset with his presenter’s confusion, said he “didn’t know” when he spoke on his show about it but was referring to You are. The presenter is confused again saying “You,” and, with an unbelievable laugh, says “What do you mean, are you listening to what I’m saying, I never did a program about that.” The confusion in English is greater because here we usually differentiate between ‘series’ and ‘programme’, while both are called ‘show’. So, as much as Arroyo made clear that “You” is a show, Ingraham kept taking the hint. The climax came when Arroyo finally decided to say it was a Netflix show. But of course, Happy appeared again You are And Ingraham, about to lose his composure, exclaimed “Is there a series called Laura on Netflix?” …definitely for season 4 of You areIngraham has already put the batteries in.

They both had to change the subject without understanding each other to keep talking about Adele… The important thing is that one of the most famous skits on world television, the Abbott and Costello play, had a reflexive edition.

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