“Cinema in Your City” will be part of the cultural program at CDMX


Mexico City. Head of Government , Claudia Sheinbaum Submitted to the advisory board of civilization from CDMX Who will be responsible for encouraging, promoting and strengthening the population’s access to different forms of cultural expression.

We recommend the following:

AMLO will allocate funds from the National Lottery for athletes

It will be made up of 13 members with extensive experience in art and culture: Armando Bartra, Coral Revueltas, Damian Alcazar, Dolores Heredia, Francisco Perez Ars, Gabriela Camara, Horacio Franco, Humberto Musacchio, Jesus Ortega, Lionel Duran, Elizabeth Hernandez, Luis Fernando de Tavira and Paloma Sainz.

“We are very happy that the city project, as I have always said, is a cultural project. For us, the advice of these wonderful people who accompany us is an honor and a privilege for the city government,” said the head of government.

CDMX Cultural Activities

As part of the activities to be promoted are:

+Cinema in the city: With the screening of national and foreign films with the aim of bringing cinema closer to all citizens.

+Performing arts in your area: With activities of theater, dance and music. It will develop performing arts in squares, parks, open forums, parks, pedestrian crossings, and the subway.

+encouragement to read: Public reading will be promoted in various CDMX municipalities to promote culture and knowledge.

+Revitalizing Art Spaces: Museums, theaters and buildings classified as educational centers.

Not that the statue of Columbus is not in the city, but the place to be: Sheinbaum

At the congress, on presentation to the Council of Culture, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum This morning, the controversy caused by the transfer of the monument to . is referred to Christopher Columbus removed from Paseo de la Reforma In 2020 to receive maintenance, the place of which will be occupied by a statue of A aboriginal woman, has not yet been determined.

Sheinbaum considered that the most important thing is that aboriginal woman They are mainly recognized Capital Street He stressed that this discussion goes beyond sculpting, but is related to the class and racism left behind colonialism.

In addition, after the weekend, I was informed that the statue will be transferred to Columbus to Parque Las Américas and National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) denied this in a Monday evening bulletin, and said that INAH They will have the final say on the new site of the sculpture complex, as they are responsible for protecting the cultural heritage.

“It is important to whom this heritage is held, why this monument to Columbus is a cultural heritage, and who it protects is INAH, the National Institute of Anthropology and History and INBAL, who have to determine the date in the end as custodians of the heritage of our city and country, what is the best space, Suggestions different can be offered; therefore, it does not mean that it is not in the city, but on the contrary, that it has a convenient and dignified place”, noted Claudia Sheinbaum.

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