Coamo is ready for the San Blas Half Marathon

Coamo is ready for the San Blas Half Marathon

Organizing Committee for San Blas de Cuamo Half Marathon On Saturday he welcomed athletes from more than 10 countries who will take part in the 61st edition of the demanding foot race.

This year will event Runners from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA and Puerto Rico. In addition, it was reported that the number of registrations increased to 1,610.

“Like every year, we are proud to present the world with a high-quality long-distance running event in Puerto Rico. This marathon represents the essence and natural charm of Villa de San Blas. To all the athletes and joggers across the island, thank you so much for your support and helping us set a record with 1,610 athletes.. We are waiting for you all tomorrow (Sunday) at the kick-off at seven in the morning. Einar Ramos LopezChairman of the Organizing Committee.

On the other hand, Coamo Mayor said, Juan Carlos Garcia PadillaAttend the athletes show.

“This event is Puerto Rico. San Blas is the event that defines the Puerto Rican Fundísmo. We Cuamanos feel very proud and we have to shake hands with fraternity every day so that this event continues to be celebrated,” he said.

The event is for the women’s national basketball team, led by Jerry Batista. While the Puerto Rican Police will have the honor of laying the Laurel Crown for the event’s champions.

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