“Coffee Smells Like a Woman”: How Many Episodes of a Netflix Series? Will there be season 2? – News series


The telenovela about the Colombian coffee region and its beautiful love story has attracted subscribers to the streaming platform. If you are one of them, you have the entertainment for a long time.

Netflix already has a new breakdown in its catalog. a few weeks ago, Perfumed coffee for women It is among the top ten most viewed on the streaming platform. It was a meteoric rise, surpassing one of the historical peaks like squirting queen And the first show of the new the rebel. There are many viewers who are addicted to Gaviota and Sebastián’s love story, however, How long will they be able to enjoy it?

If you are one of those who have joined the wave of Colombian telenovela, Make yourself comfortable on the sofa because Perfumed coffee for women It has 92 chapters. Enough to unleash the passion that this kind of production requires.

Will there be a second season? The answer is complicated. The series is not a Netflix original, but rather a platform license. Its original network, RCN, actually settled the story in September 2021, and although it was an international success, the series didn’t get much audience data. And therefore, It seems unlikely that Perfumed coffee for women Season 2 on your main channel.

However, anything can happen in the world of Netflix. It was the company that turned Stealing money into a global phenomenon, just as you did with Cobra Kai. They are experts at providing a window for audiences to discover new stories, and if something works, they won’t hesitate to give it a second chance. Will the same thing happen with a telenovela? It’s only been in the streaming service’s catalog for three weeks, but it’s been enough to see that there is interest from the public. If there is a renewal, it will be known soon.

Television broadcasts on Colombia’s RCN began in May 2021, meanwhile, it was broadcast in the United States by Telemundo, the second largest provider of Spanish-language content in the North American country. It ended on September 24, 2021 in its home country, but Netflix added it to their catalog on December 29 and made it a worldwide hit. Serial sweeps and nearly 100 million running hours are the proof.

Perfumed coffee for women It came with a good cover letter. It is a “remake” of the hit television created by Fernando Gitan (I’m my ugly home) in 1994. It is considered one of the most famous Colombian novels. There is no exact data on her audience, but it is believed that she reached approximately 70% on television. This meant that practically the entire country was sitting in front of the TV every time there was a new episode. real madness.

In the age of live streaming, people from all over the world can enjoy the series and learn about this Colombian piece of fiction that may have been unknown to more than one. Leading the cast on this occasion is William Levy, a famous TV pundit, and Laura Londono, another well-known face like this. The two give life to Sebastián Vallejo and Gaviota, lovers who go on a path full of potholes and complications despite their fate together.

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