Colin Farrell talks about the dramatic moment he experienced in his last movie: ‘It was terrifying’

Colin Farrell talks about the dramatic moment he experienced in his last movie: ‘It was terrifying’

Only a week left to arrive Amazon Prime Video the film thirteen livesDirected by Ron Howard starring Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton s Paul Gleeson. And for the actor, this was a “new experience”, because due to the plot of the film and its numerous underwater recordings, he experienced episodes of deep fear that led to panic attacks.

Based on a true story, thirteen lives The events revolve around the rescue operation that took place in Tham Luang, where a children’s football club, made up of 12 children and their coach, was trapped in some cave in that region in Thailand. The event, which took place between June and July 2018, aroused great interest from the world press, which covered the daily tasks of arduous rescue missions and the various strategies developed by specialists from countries such as Japan, Australia and the United States. At last, against all odds, the divers managed to get all the children and adults who were with them out of those flooded caves, in one of the most complex rescue missions ever performed.

Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton, Colin Farrell, Thera Chotikul, and Bobthorne Sunthornianakij in Thirteen Lives (2022)imdb

In the film, Farrell plays John Volanthen, who was a British cave divers. Because of the nature of his role, the Irish actor underwent intense underwater shooting sessions, reconstructing flooded caves. And in a recent interview, he admitted how much he struggled filming at those stages: “In short, it was terrifying. Scary. I was scared. I’m not a great swimmer, but it’s not like we were swimming all the time, we just had to stay on the surface, but building all the caves and their connections was really impressive. There were about four or five.” Caves built based on the topography of that place, in Tham Luang, and they were all filled with water. And when we went down, it looked like we couldn’t go up.” On that experience, the actor revealed, “Being underwater, without being able to discern the surface, was something that simply caused a real mess in my mind. We had a wonderful presence, including two professionals who were part of that mission. But I tell you I had panic attacks while underwater, and that was a new experience.”

Apparently Farrell wasn’t the only one suffering from the sheer number of underwater scenes. His co-star, Viggo Mortensen, didn’t have a good time either, he confirmed in a note: “Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It seemed like forever, but it was always for a few seconds. I remember panicking.” in thirteen livesactor Lord of the Ringsauthor Richard Stanton, a fellow diver at Volanthen, who was one of the other responsible for carrying out the rescue.

Colin Farrell as Oswald Coplebot (Penguin) in Batman
Colin Farrell as Oswald Coplebot (Penguin) in BatmanWarner Bros.

thirteen lives It is this year’s second major release starring Farrell. His previous movie was highly praised Batman, in which he played the role of Penguin, one of the most famous villains in the saga “Batman”. For this performance, for which he underwent an extensive make-up procedure, the interpreter was praised. until Danny DeVitowho composed the same villain in Batman returnspraised the performance: “I think Colin did a great job,” adding, “He’s a good friend of mine. Hats off to whoever’s been sitting in the makeup chair for so long. I did it with El Pingüino and loved it.”

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