Colombia defeated the United States and Canada 3-0 in the International Short Football Championship

in school tablesIt is a municipality with a warm climate in Cundinamarca International tournament Short soccer. The Colombian national team is participating in the event, which wants to retain the title and strengthen its local position.

And it seems that the national team is heading in the right direction to achieve this goal, because this Wednesday it achieved its first victory in the tournament against the duo team, consisting of players from the United States and Canada.

The coffee growers, obviously shorter from North America, won 3-0 with a goal from Sucre Jesus Moises Peralta Bracamonte (who scored two goals) and another from Córdoba Edwin Ali Bravo Vargas.

The Colombian goalkeeper also shone on this day Jaime Andres Henao, which is part of the Valle del Cauca Register. The national team participating in the tournament consists of 20 people, two of whom are from Antioquia.

In addition to Colombia, eight teams participate in the tournament: Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, the United States and Canada (who formed a team to play together).

This is the first time that a tournament of this kind has been held in the country. However, the Colombian national team, founded in 2017, has already participated in two editions of the Copa America (one held in Argentina in 2018, and the other this year in Lima, Peru).

Colombians are looking for their first title and to obtain recognition from the Colombians, with the aim of being seen as equals in society, because, as he emphasized Alexis Calvo: “We are equal and capable people, but on different terms.”

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