Colombia National Team: Sports Balance Ramon Gisorn – International Football – Sports

Colombia National Team: Sports Balance Ramon Gisorn – International Football – Sports

In his first full draw since taking office as president in November 2015, Ramon Jessuren and his executive committee sealed a painful elimination from the World Cup after Colombia qualified for Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

Failure in these playoffs adds to a period of poor sporting results in most teams, both male and female. It should be remembered that Jesurún completed the term of Louis Bedoya, who resigned and later appeared before the US authorities, implicated in the Fifagate scandal.

Jisurin: His first complete disqualification as president

In August 2018, Gisorin took office for his first full term as president and was endorsed by the General Assembly of the Colombian Football Federation over the next four years.

With Jesorin at the helm, the national team played three Copa Americas: in the first centenary edition, in 2016, they took third place; Then, in 2019, he was eliminated in the quarter-finals, and last year he returned to last place on the podium. In other words, Colombia goes on to win one continental title in this category, a title they won at home in 2001.

In the minor male categories, the results were not the best. Since Jesurún was up front, Colombia have played two South American U-15 matches: in 2017 they didn’t make it to the final stages and in 2019 they finished third. At the Under-17 Championship, the national team qualified for the World Cup in India in 2017, where they were eliminated from the Round of 16. But two years later, Colombia finished last and without points, in the worst performance for a men’s team in history. This team was led by Hector Cardenas, who is today in charge of the Sub-20.

In South America U-20 2017, Colombia did not qualify for the World Cup: the latter were in the hexagram final. He did so in 2019, finishing fourth, and at the World Cup category in Poland, reaching the quarter-finals.

In 2016, Colombia made it to the Rio Olympics, where they were eliminated from the Round of 16, but in the pre-Olympic Games 2020, Gisborne faced one of his administration’s biggest failures: the team couldn’t make it to Tokyo. , with a team that was never satisfied with its game, under the leadership of Arturo Reyes.

In other Olympic cycle tournaments, Colombia has always finished with a medal: gold at the Bolivarianos de Santa Marta 2017 and at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla 2018 and bronze at the South American Games in Cochabamba, in the same year.

Women’s Soccer: A Bittersweet Balance

With women’s football, Jisorin’s management was full of love and hate. The big challenge, qualifying for the World Cup France 2019, did not materialize. The national team reached the final stage of the Copa America, but finished fourth, leaving it out of the World Cup and Tokyo Olympics.

However, that fourth place allowed her to qualify for the 2019 Pan American Games Lima, in which she won what is by far the most important women’s team title in its history, the gold, with a throwback win. Penalty kick for Argentina.

The women’s under-17 category is the one with the best achievements in Gisorn’s management, taking second place twice and the same number of qualifications for the World Cup, in 2018 and the last in Uruguay. On the other hand, in the U-20 tournament, the goal was not met: he was eliminated in 2018, taking third place. The first two went to the World Cup.

Now, the women’s first team is preparing to play the Copa America at home, in the middle of this year, in Cali, Armenia and Bucaramanga. The Federation presented friendlies to the team, and for the first time in history, there was a women’s league this year in an all-on-all format, although the second term is not certain.

In beach soccer and futsal, Colombia doesn’t have a lot of results to highlight, with the exception of translating into the Copa America Women’s Cup from the last discipline in 2017. Too bad. There are not many results that union can show.


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