Colombian David Granados to star in Steven Spielberg’s new movie | snail show


David Granados, who is about to turn 30, has already made several goals in Hollywood, Mecca, during his eight years in the United States.

“A very important achievement was to participate in it boss From FX, directed by Brian Martin, she did so from season one in all the scenes in Dance. In New York I had the opportunity to be at the Metropolitan OperaWhich is one of the most important themes of opera in America. There she participated as a dancer in two productions, said David Granados.

He studied industrial engineering in Bogota to please his parents. Parallel to his career, He has subscribed to the number of acting and dance lessons he has watched. Finally, modeling led him to leave the country and live in the “Big Apple”.

during your stay in United State He focused on his studies to become an artist; Not just anything, but the best.

“I studied writing for the characters of writing and acting, and I also trained in dancing”commented.

David Granados works twice as hard, he is always attentive to opportunities; When they found out they were looking for a Latin talent for the director’s West Side Story Steven Spielberg, until you got there.

“I auditioned in a group of 150 super talented artists and made it into the group. It was a blessing that really allowed me to fulfill a dream”David Granados added.

“My character is Hispanic, a musician, and is part of a group of artists who tell a story of forbidden love through music and dance,” he said.

When they touch it, dance. His performance in this New York movie led him to live in Los Angeles, where he studied a series of job offers.

“Dreams come true when you work for them. If someone says ‘no’ to you, it’s temporary and completely affects ‘no’, there are a thousand yeses,” concluded David Granados.

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