This is the movie that leads the box office in the early days of January 2022


The beginning of 2022 was marked by one of the upcoming phenomena “pull” since the end of the previous year. A movie that is much awaited by the fan base and has the surprise that many people expected to see on the big screen. So, the numbers don’t lie, and the year that just opened maintains this movie’s dominance.

Season success

What address are we talking about? Without further ado, it’s about Spider-Man: There is no room for home. The movie that finds Peter Parker Deal with villains from other realities and help him alternate versions of himself, SpiderVerse! In this way, audiences around the world were satisfied and it seems that many are watching the film more than once with unprecedented enthusiasm.

The first three days of the year in the United States set a record in terms of box office estimates for this film: $52.7 million raised. There is no place for home It reaches 610 million green currency in North America to become the tenth film on the list of the highest-grossing companies and with the possibility of moving to Star Wars: The Last Jedi (620 million) and Avengers (623 million).

Spidey’s third installment in the MCU broke pandemic records when it debuted with $260 million last December and its pace appears unaffected by COVID-19. All over the world, the film has reached $1.2 billion, which means it’s a movie Spider Man The most successful movie in history Sony The most successful movie in history and the highest-grossing movie of 2021.

In this way, a rather lackluster year ended at a high level for marvel, which was previously released Black Widow, Shang Zhi and the Legend of the Ten Rings s eternity. while story Natasha Romanov Released at the same time with Premium Access in Disney +, the only film among these films that was shown as a real success, shang chi, raised just over $220 million in the United States. DoSpider Man Is the brand’s No. 1 champion?

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