CONCACAF Champions League 2021: This is how the semi-finals will be played

One of the big drawbacks to Mexico is its tight schedules, where the “CONChampions” or America’s Cup stand out (Image: TwitterTheChampions)

The quarter-final stage of CONCACAF Champions League It has come to an end and only the best teams in the tournament will be looking for a place in the Grand Final to reach continental glory and reach the next stage clubs World Cup.

The title contenders are three Mexican teams and one from North America, that is, the Liga MX can be imposed on Major League Soccer (MLS) again in this competition. We refer to America, Monterey, Cruz Azul, and Philadelphia Union.

How did they get to the final stage

Blue cross, The Mexican football captain, also showed his strength in the Champions League, because to reach these situations he had to eliminate Toronto, the Canadian team that distinguished by eliminating Mexican teams.

From the first stop in the Canadian territory, the machine showed its competitor the reason for taking first place in its domestic competition. The scoreboard finished (3-1), a result that favored them to enter Azteca Stadium.

In the end, in the Coloso de Santa rsula, cement workers only finished their work with a goal from Bryan Angulo outside the area, and it ended with World Class (1-4).

(Photo: EFE / José Méndez)
(Photo: EFE / José Méndez)

USA, For his part, he first had to travel to the US soil to face the Portland Timbers, a dangerous but rookie team in this competition. However, from the first duel, it was noted how the teams arrived.

The first leg of the match ended in a 1-1 draw, and the goals were the work of the Colombian Roger Martinez and Felipe Mora, A player known for Liga MX because he played in Cruz Azul.

For the second leg, things moved to the side of the capital, due to a hand Federico Vinas and Leonardo SuarezThe American Eagles succeeded in defeating the Portland team and merging with it in the next stage Total scores (4-2).

Monterey, directed by Javier Aguirre It also had a rather difficult start, as their opposite competitor was Columbus Crewe, the NBA champion’s team.

The Out of the game It was full of shock, collisions and a lot of passion, so the difference between the teams was not perceived; However, Reggio used a substitute team full of youth, so the match ended in a draw (2-2).

The key must be specified in a file Sultana of the North The students of Vasco-Aguirre will do everything to defend their honor and go to the next round. The result ended in a convincing way for the Mexican national team.

(Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)
(Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)

Two goals from Maxi Meza and one by Miguel Line, The gang members showed their strength and left the United States team at zero, which finished 5-2 on aggregate.

To defend the MLS name, The Philadelphia Union team has reached the semi-finals After beating Atlanta, the team that defeated America a few years earlier in the Campeones Cup.

The first leg was resounding, like the first leg Philadelphia thrash Atlanta (3-0) Gray and oversized. From the hand Kacper Przybyłko y Anthony Fontana They were able to benefit.

Already in the second leg, the match was closer, but those from Atlanta suffered the consequences of achieving such a heavy result, since the match ended (1-1), Leaving the overall score (4-1).

How will SEMIS be played

One way games

10, 11 or 12/08/21 | Monterrey vs Cruz Azul (confirmation time)

10, 11 or 12/08/21 | America – Philadelphia United (time uncertain)

Lap games

14 or 15 or 16/09/21 | Cruz Azul vs Monterrey (not confirmed)

14 or 15 or 16/09/21 | America vs Philadelphia (schedule not confirmed)

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