Confirm that these online jobs in Pokémon Sword and Shield will be discontinued before the Scarlet and Purple movie premiere

We got an interesting announcement regarding one of the most popular video games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. It is specifically about pokemon sword and shield.

The respective details published by the Pokémon Company focus on the changes to the online functionality expected in this title for scarlet and purple. These are the details:

  • Wild Area News will receive a final update on November 1, 2022 that will add Pokémon not normally available, such as Gigantamax Snorlax. After that there will be no more updates to this news.
  • Battle Stadium will not be updated with the leaderboard after November 1st. Also, Ranked Battle Season results will not appear in Pokémon Home and there will be no more online competitions.
  • Friendly competitions can still be held, but they won’t be shown at Pokémon Home after December 1.
  • All Y Connect and other online features will continue to be accessible.

what do you think? You can share your opinion below in the comments. You also have our coverage of the game over here.


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