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Julia Marino silver with controversy. His table was decorated with the logo of the Italian luxury brand Prada. A blow to the IOC’s strict policy regarding sponsorship. Sale of the board of directors valued at $3,600 (3,170 euros). Unexpected, but rounded action.

The IOC has a very strict policy of regulating sponsors not affiliated with the Games, as is the case with Italian brand Prada, which has already sold out an entire Linea Rossa table in its online store in its white and gray versions.

Despite the fact that Giulia Marino preferred not to compete in the “Big Air” test, considering that the required modifications prevented her from competing in the best of her abilities, the Italian brand registered a huge number of orders for its boards: an unexpected business, but a tour.

Marino, who was born in Yonkers, New York, 24 years ago, has already won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, where he competed with the same board in “Slopestyle.”

But he confirmed on social media that shortly after he received a call from the IOC informing him that his table was no longer “authorised”.

Marino, who attached a picture of his skateboard in the same color as the well, wrote the logo of a well-known Italian brand.

“For those who don’t know, the skateboard rule is important because of your speed and you shouldn’t have anything on it. Having a mark on it prevents it from working,” he added.

The American, who had suffered days ago some of the hiccups that prevented her from appearing at the top of her fitness, also decided to try training on the modified table, but emphasized that she “lacked speed”.

“I felt physically and mentally exhausted from this distraction,” she admitted.

Thus, already satisfied with the silver she won in her favorite discipline, “Slopestyle”, Marino preferred to avoid risks and gave up fighting for another medal in “Big Air”.

It is no secret that the IOC is very keen on managing sponsors not affiliated with the Games, in order to preserve the purest values ​​of sport and at the same time privilege its historical collaborators, who contribute with their economic contribution to the promotion of the practice of sport worldwide.

In addition to advertising during the Olympic events, there are also restrictions on messages posted on social networks during the Games.

Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter, which in the past prohibited the exploitation of the image of athletes for advertising purposes during the Games, no longer provides for this obligation, but requires sponsors to respect certain standards.

And despite the fact that the Prada skateboard did not finally come out in the “Big Air” test, the Italian company achieved a remarkable international vision.

The Julia Marino case gained prominence in the United States, with NBC or the New York Times telling the same story.

If this “publicity” was unexpected, the Italian company, based in Milan, has launched new commercial campaigns in recent weeks, including a collaboration with “Ubisoft”, a leading video game company.

Prada clothing is available to players in “Riders Republic,” a sports game that includes mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and wingsuit flying.

Andrea Montolivo

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