Cuba announces baseball team for the Caribbean Cup and pre-selection for the Olympics Granma


Cuba announced its team for the Caribbean Baseball Cup in Curaçao and the first choice for a player seeking an Olympic ticket in the continental tournament agreed upon for the United States.
The National Commissioner, Ernesto Renso, explained that the rescheduling of the first of those events imposed differences on the strategy initially envisioned, given that it coincided with the exact moment of the visa administration for the qualifying round heading to Tokyo in a third country.
However, he made it clear that the members of the group that will travel to Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, would be eligible if a certain call was necessary for the person who would be at the continental fair invited to Florida, or to the global qualifiers that would follow this in Chinese Taipei.
According to Jett, the manager said that in both groups that will be focused from Sunday in Matanzas, talents and champions who performed well in the 60th National Series have been distributed.
He argued that the manager’s appointment for the pre-Olympiad stage would be decided in the middle of next week, after a meeting with the coaching staff in which Carlos Marty and Armando Ferrer participate, despite the two remaining in the group.
He said that steps must still be taken to hire players abroad without the protection of the Cuban Federation, always adapting to very specific needs, and preparatory meetings are coordinated in Mexico, during the period of the immigration procedures, and the headquarters of the play. turning off.
On the northern territories, Cuba will be part of Group B, along with Canada, Colombia and Venezuela, and A will be from the United States, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua.
The first two of each series will advance to the Super Tour which, in addition to coining a live ticket, will reward the second and third place holders for participating in the pre-Olympiad tournament, in Chinese Taipei, in April. Itself, this will reward the last square in Tokyo.

Team to the Caribbean Cup (Curaçao, May 8-15)
Receivers: Evan Prieto Gonzalez (GRA), Andrei Perez Garcia (MTZ) and Osvaldo Vásquez Torres (CAV).
Interveners: Guillermo García García (GRA), Daniel Pérez Pérez (CFG), Santiago Torres Baena (SCU), Luis Vicente Mateo Terry (CFG), Osvaldo Abreu Sánchez (GRA), Pavel Quesada Pérez (CFG), Juan Carlos Arencibia (PRI).
Gardeners: Yasniel Gonzalez Vega (May), Giselle Cepeda Lima (SSP), Yoelkis Goibert Stevens (SCU), Denis Lazza Spencer (May).
Launchers: Pablo Louis Gillin (VCL), Marlon Vega Traviso (May), Cesar Luis Garcia Rondon (GRA), Yankel Mori Gutierrez (SSP), Yander Guevara Morales (CAV), Nike Yuel Cruz Zaldivar (MTZ), Frank Abel Delvar (MTZ) ), Rainer Rivero Estrada (MTZ), Yadian Martinez Perez (May) and Dariel Fernandez Bass (PRI).
art Device:
Director: Pablo Alberto Seville Espinosa (LTU). Trainers: Alexis Garro Menéndez (MTZ), Jorge Hierrezuelo Tamayo (LTU), Ciro Silvino Licea González (GRA), Rodolfo Correa Lobaina (LTU), Carlos Martín Alvarez (CNB).

Pre-Olympics in America (USA, May 31 – June 5)
Receivers: Ariel Martinez Marrero (MTZ), Yosefani Alarcon Tardieu (LTU), Rafael Vinales Alvarez (LTU), and Luis Gomez Perez (CMG).
Interveners: Lespan Correa Sanchez (India), Jordanis Samon Matamoros (CMG), Guillermo Aviles Devorno (GRA), Cesare Prieto Echevaria (CFG), Barbaro Irsbel Aribarina Escalante (MTZ), Jordan Mandoli (Garcí), Alexandre Ayala (MTZ) Yurisbel Gracía Yadir Orestes Mujica Díaz (MTZ), Dayán García Ortega (ART), Raúl González Isidoria (CAV), Jefferson Delgado Castañeda (MTZ), and Humberto Bravo Riquene (CMG).
Gardeners: Frederick Cepeda Cruz (SSP), Roel Santos Martínez (GRA), Raico Santos Almeida (GRA), Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez (GRA), Yadir Drake Domínguez (MTZ), Yosvani Peñalver Darcourt (IND) and Loidel Chapellí Zulu.
Launchers: Junior Tour Pozzo (SCU), Andy Amauri Rodriguez Valdes (India), Yon Socaras Suarez (SSP), Yoanni Yera Montalvo (MTZ), Brian Anthony Chi Montoya (India), Carlos Juan Viera Alvarez (LTU), Frank Madan Montejo (CMG) )), Yodel Rodriguez Leon (LTU), Carlos Font-Mostelier (SCU), Ridel Martinez Perez (PRI), Lazaro Blanco Matos (GRA), Yarriel Rodriguez Yordi (CMG), Lifan Moinelo Beta (PRI) Pavel Hernandez (PRI).
art Device: Armando Jes Ferrer-Rose (MTZ), Carlos Manuel Marti Santos (GRA), Ricardo Ellen Ismendes Dominguez (CNB), Jose Hernandez Lescano (CAV), Alexandre Ramos Rabel (IJV), Russell Sanchez Echevarria (PRGI)).

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