Cuban sports face many difficulties due to the US blockade.


La Habana, 17 feb (ACN) Raúl Fornés, vicepresidente primero del Instituto Nacional de Deportes, Educación Física y Recreación (Inder), aseguró hoy en esta capital que el deporte cubano enfrenta muchas dificultades a causa del injusto bloque econó United State.

When intervening online in a hypothetical event about the effects of the US blockade on Cuba in this sector, Fournis noted that it is very difficult to access the latest technologies that contribute to the development of sport in the Caribbean country.

He cited as an example the obstacles imposed on the acquisition of necessary tools or equipment, not only for the benefit of athletes and coaches, but also for scientific centers, including the anti-doping laboratory.

He also mentioned how difficult it is for Cuban athletes to participate in competitions centered in the United States, because they cannot obtain visas in their country and must move to countries like Mexico or the Dominican Republic, where they remain closed to them. Termination of the United States Embassy in Havana.

In this regard, he said that in this way this process becomes much more expensive, because there are sports in which they had to spend about 35 thousand dollars on the visa; He said that while he was doing so from Cuba the number would drop to around 7,200.

Furness also mentioned the effects that this imperial siege had on the educational process. He stressed that there are exchanges that we can usually have with universities in the United States, and that the economic, commercial and financial blockade of this country does not make it possible.

Likewise, obstacles have been placed for North American researchers and scientists to travel to the largest of the Antilles to participate in conferences or other activities that promote the necessary exchange of experience and knowledge, added Inder’s Senior Vice President.

The hypothetical event, titled Affecting the US Blockade of Cuba, originated from the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples (ICAP) and involved interventions by executives and athletes into sporting assets and glories, with transmission via the @ SiempreconCuba platforms on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

International solidarity movements also participated in it, as happens on the seventeenth of every month.

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