Pavón is successfully operational and is seeking exit to the United States


Pavon He had to undergo surgery as a result of an injury that caused severe pain in his ankles and prevented him from training.

“Player Christian Pavon underwent surgery this Wednesday. A posterior arthroscopy was performed on both ankles, in which both Os Trigonum and the loose bodies resulting from long-standing bilateral friction syndrome were removed.”The Boca Medical Department explained in a statement posted on the institution’s official website.

I add: “The player is developing, already in his room, and for hours in the afternoon, he is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital.”.

The striker had already announced to Boca that he did not want to continue with the “xeneize” entity and that he intended to continue his career abroad, given that the Los Angeles Galaxy in the USA is looking for him again.

The man from Cordoba spent a year at the American Club, where he directed him Guillermo Barros Chilotto, Even though it is in a loan condition and on a purchase condition up to 20 million, But now the North American Foundation has offered to buy 50% of Cpase.

At the same time Bucca They are waiting for the Colombian side to arrive on Thursday Andres Roman, From Millonarios de Colombia, who paid “xeneize” $ 2 million for 50 percent of his file.

On arrival in Argentina, the defender will undergo a medical examination and begin training with orders from Michelangelo Russo, Who has known him since his time at the Colombian club.

Romanian Will face the fight for the position with Giulio Povarini and Leonardo GaaraHis contract will expire next June, and although the former has already announced that it will not renew its engagement, negotiations with the latter have not yet begun, and the fans have resisted him strongly and have performed poorly in the last matches he played.

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