CutreCon, the international lousy film festival that is a true luxury

CutreCon, the international lousy film festival that is a true luxury

And the evidence is battlefield, which cost nearly $100 million and starred John Travolta, But “what you laugh about because the script is silly, the production design is completely wrong, The rally is a disaster and difficult to follow.” tell the director Condé Nast Traveler.

And so, between laughter and laughter, it ended up being one of his favorite genres. This is from many people. “A love of bad cinema arises in those who have seen many films, who know about cinema, and discover that there are other kinds of films. Tapes that do everything they shouldn’t. Great titles that you can enjoy a lot.” explains.

Turkish Star Wars poster.Dedicated to Condé Nast Traveler

Nice cinema on the big screen

This love of lousy movies led him to create the website 20 years ago. Where he commented on films of this kind with humorous articles. When the page turned 10 years old, Risk him organizing an event to celebrate him.

“The date has gotten out of hand since then We thought a few people would come, but it was a resounding success. Then people insisted on doing it every year,” he says.

Until today, which CutreCon has become a five-day event that will be held in various venues such as Faculty of Information Sciences at UCMThe Your Slaughterhouse Cinema or the Peace CinemaAnd the Among other things.

And in this eleventh edition, there will be International guests, official competition section, nearly 30 films will be seen … In other words, what started as a joke turned into something very serious.

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