#LUD | Faldo’s childhood, ex Levante, the film’s common thread

#LUD |  Faldo’s childhood, ex Levante, the film’s common thread

Valencia. Arriving this Friday in theaters, Llenos de Gracia is a movie starring Carmen Macchi, Paula Ocera, Pablo Chiabella or Nuria Rodriguez and inspired by the personal story of Valmiro “Valdo” López, a former player, among others, at Real Madrid. and lifted.

The film, directed by Roberto Bosso, brings viewers closer to the daily life of a group of children staying at a boarding school and how it changes this summer with the arrival of a nun who finds the motivation they need in football.

That nun, Sister Marina, existed in real life and was the catalyst for Faldo to find a path that would lead him years later to victory in Spanish, Mexican, Indian or Greek football.

The film is intended for all audiences and takes place in the summer of 1994 in conjunction with the World Cup in the United States. In fact, there are some references to a football related event.

In addition to the sports content, it also delves into values ​​such as friendship or self-improvement. All this with the sometimes casual tone provided by the young actors playing the group that goes from the classroom to the green, to create a sense of unity that will help them develop and spend an unforgettable summer.

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