Darth Vader may be coming to Fortnite soon

Darth Vader may be coming to Fortnite soon

It is already known that Star Wars is one of the favorite epic stories of the Fortnite team, since there was a wonderful “engraving” in the game of characters in these films. Above all, we’ve been able to see the protagonists of the latter trilogy, such as Rey or Kylo Ren, but none of the first movies in the game have been seen, at the moment.

and that is There are indications that Darth Vader may be about to make it to Fortnite Island. Since the images were seen during the unreal state of the engine that suggests a possible villain will be introduced into the game. Throughout this conference, a Fortnite worker could be seen on a screen next picture:

We can see in it a folder with the name “C3S3_VADER”which can be translated as “Chapter 3, Season 3: Vader”. So the Darth Vader skin is expected to arrive in the game for the next season of Battle Royale.

Also, the game manager mustard donald He shared on his official Twitter account a photo of Chewbacca dotted a street. It’s well known that the Fortnite manager is always giving clues to their networks about collaborations or upcoming versions of the game, so it can be a fairly reliable test.

Whatever the case, there is still a long way to go Chapter 3 Season 3So we will have to wait a long time to be sure if these leaks are true or not.

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