David “Medalita” Jimenez increases his unbeaten in-ring record and points to the US

David “Medalita” Jimenez increases his unbeaten in-ring record and points to the US

David “Medalita” Jimenez extended his unbeaten record as a professional to 11 matches on Friday by defeating Nicaragua’s Daniel Mendoza with 112 pounds in a no-title fight.

The Carthaginian boxer defeated Alpinolero in the fifth round when the referee stopped the fight because his opponent was no longer able to stand due to the punishment that was too severe for several minutes.

From start to finish Medallita dominated the fight, in the fourth round Tico had Mendoza on the ropes and it was the bell that saved him, but in the first seconds of the fifth round it was all over at the San José Palacio.

Now Medallita, the 115-pound WBA World Gold Champion and a Latin American from the World Boxing Council (WBC), is aiming to go to the United States, where he is looking for higher-ranking competitors.

In the fight of the night before the start of the bout, Eduardo “Filo” Sanchez blew his nose up by eliminating Nicaraguan Lorenzo Jarro in 45 seconds of the second round in a 154-pound fight.

Another notable match was the impressive victory of Juliana “La China” Rodriguez, who eliminated her Nicaraguan rival Ninoska Morales in just a minute and a half in the first round.

The homeless woman was a huge burden to the pinolera and in her third fight as a professional, she showed that she was ready to take on much stronger challenges with a title in between.

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