Debate about science and beliefs has taken over social networks


On this first day in 2022, a one-on-one discussion took place on social networks: Astronomy vs Astrology.

It all started when the astronomer began Teresa Baneke Share on his TikTok his new “Tere Explains,” a section where he spreads the science.

In the audiovisual clip, ESO . doctoral student argues Why astrology is not supported from the point of view of astronomy.

“I support all kinds of personal beliefs, but it is irresponsible to motivate that (especially in the media) Others make decisions based on beliefsHe wrote in a tweet that he shared his video on TikTok.

The answer that sparked controversy

At this time, he was a sociologist and astrologer Consuelo Uluwa, known as meow astral, replied to Teresa Paneque’s video. “Why should there be an exchange, sister, Go spend the end of the year with your people and relax in the egoHe wrote, in his own style.

world answered:Being a well-known miner in the country, It would be nice if you could provide more information or data than tell me what to do and criticize my self.. I have always been very respectful and careful when giving my opinion, based on data and knowledge.”

However, Ulua did not remain there. “I guess we can’t argue because you don’t know anything about astrology,” he said. “On the other hand, I know a lot of things that you think I don’t. I was also in the academy and I know their codes. Let’s talk, I’ve done this with several astronomers and it has been enriching for both of us. There is no need for an ego.”

To himself, the pastry chef to your cakes. Astrology does not mess with what astronomy does, it respects and appreciates it. Newton was an astrologer and looked at what he did for science. There’s no need for polarization, it’s paternalistic shitMy stellar meow continued.

¿Newton, an astrologer?

The controversy over astronomy and astrology has continued with another advantage: Whether Isaac Newton was an astrologer or not. Along these lines, Teri Baneke quoted Consuelo Ulloa’s tweet and said, “I didn’t attack, I said so It didn’t seem to me that astrology was a tool for making decisions and had no scientific basis“.

Newton? There is no conclusive evidence that it was a mine. He added that his discoveries were based on calculus and physics, two phenomena that can be measured.” “Perhaps in his era (1642-1727) astronomy was still mixed with astrology and called it this, but the name does not define his discoveries.”

But the matter continued through this day. “Last night shit because I parked a bit for this astrological need to share her opinionAustral Miao remarked.

I find myself selfish in explaining why your world situation is the truth and keep on attacking, when no one questions astronomy or its knowledge and conclusions,” he commented.

Then he wrote: “Mine” park the car “for an astronomer. I laugh all night long.” Just Lots of personality and also problems, among them a very narcissistic Bridgedo. She’s a scholar, your impostor. Try to see.”

All this controversy has been fertile ground for various reactions among netizens, who even hinted at the film do not search Netflix.

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