Demar Hamlin’s parents met with Joe Biden, the President of the United States

Demar Hamlin’s parents met with Joe Biden, the President of the United States

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, Wednesday spoke with the parents of Damar Hamlin, defensive back for the Buffalo Billswho remains in the hospital in critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest last Monday during a game against the Bengals.

Biden said he has spoken “for a long time” With Hamlin’s parents.

The action in which the player was stopped occurred when he collided with Tee Higgins, the Bengals’ wide receiver. Hamlin got up But it disappeared instantly.

Medical staff from Paul Brown Stadium, the Bengals’ home, entered the field, applied CPR and once stabilized, took him to hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

The President stressed the risks to American football and the appropriateness of all the preventive measures that are being implemented to take care of the safety of the players.

Damar Hamlin, #3 Buffalo Bills, NFL quarterback.

Getty Images via AFP

“I think working hard on helmets and concussion protocols makes a lot of sense. It’s dangerous, we just have to admit it.”pointed out.

The Buffalo Bills reported Wednesday that Damar Hamlin has shown improvement, although he remains in the intensive care unit at University of Cincinnati Hospital.

The team’s board of directors said: “Damar remains in the intensive care unit in critical condition, although he showed signs of improvement yesterday and Wednesday night. He is expected to remain in the intensive care unit while doctors continue to monitor and treat him.” Declaration.

What NFL teams has Damar Hamlin played for?

The 24-year-old safety was in his second season in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. The University of Pittsburgh player was selected in the sixth round (212th overall) of the 2021 NFL Draft. In the regular season he played in 29 games for Highmark Stadium. While last year he played two matches in the “qualifiers”.

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