Depay hit back at Charles Barclays after the USA’s elimination

Depay hit back at Charles Barclays after the USA’s elimination

The Netherlands got the first ticket to the quarter-finals of Qatar 2022After beating the United States with a perfect strategy in the first 45 minutes of the match.

The United States did not know how to respond to what Louis van Gaal planned In the match and although they tried to bridge the gap, they couldn’t do anything else.

It’s over to go home after the round of 16, buteeeeeeero, does that count as a failure? Well, we can see the glass as half full or half empty.

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We are not happy with the result but we are proudwas an advertisement Greg BerhalterDT to the United States after the defeat 3-1 against the Netherlands in Qatar 2022.

honestly, The United States was not among the favorites to win the titlebut with the growth that they have achieved, more was expected of them, and this was shown with fans in the United States who were very optimistic, such as Charles Barkley, the legend of the NBA.

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Words from Charles Barkley and Memphis Depay to the US National Team

Nobody can deny that Charles Barkley is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA.That is, in basketball it is an authorized voice, but not for other sports.

even so, Dare to comment on what will be the match between the United States and the Netherlands in the World Cup Qatar 2022. These were the legend’s statements on the program Inside the NBA.

We are facing the Netherlands to continue making history. I guarantee Holland is in trouble“, they were Dangerous words by Charles Barclay.

Wales - USA in Qatar 2022
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Charles Barkley learned after 90 minutes in the last 16 two very important things: First, if you don’t know anything about sport, you can’t guarantee things. Second, That the US national team is not yet as developed as he thinks and it is difficult for him to reach the football elite.

Unfortunately for Charles Barkley, it wasn’t just the fact that the United States didn’t support him on the field, because after the victory, Memphis Depay responded to him on social networks with: He barks a lot but doesn’t bitetssssssssssssss.

Memphis Depay responds to Charles Barkley about the United States National Team
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