They used the skin of innocent girls to drum in rituals.

They used the skin of innocent girls to drum in rituals.

When she was only 20 years old, Mama Celia Macho I decided to become a combo sender. The year was 1973, about a Sunday, and I was moved by the testimonies of other missionaries.

The nun has spent 46 years in Kenya, Chad, Ethiopia and UgandaAnd although he now lives in Rome, he does not forget everything he saw in those nearly five decades.

Near where I used to live, in the Shrine of the Martyrs, they found the body of a girl. Later, they found that it had been boiled. And the people said, “Yes, surely the skin of this girl, this innocent girl, was used to make drums for their rituals. That is still a reality today.” He also remembers other rituals such as Believe Burying children under the foundation of the house will bring good luck.

Mother Celia belonged to the Comboni Congregation. They are missionaries and in Africa they are Big promoters of women. However, he shows that it’s hard to deal with a different mindset like that.

“When I arrived in Uganda, I saw on the front page of the newspaper a picture of a girl who was about three years old, with her teddy bear and her best clothes. Then she said, “I was buried in reinforced concrete to please those who would live in this house.” I said: This cannot happen here and now. This happens constantly. “

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